What Are the Different Guarana Benefits?

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Guarana is a natural supplement commonly used by people in many different countries. Commonly grown in the Amazon rainforest, guarana is known for increasing energy as a result of its caffeine content, so it often is used in energy drinks. It also can help people build muscle and lose fat, because it often increases the metabolism and reduces the appetite. Guarana also is sometimes used to treat and prevent certain ailments, including headaches, cramps and blood clots.

One of the most popular uses for guarana is as a stimulant, because it is said to have slightly more caffeine than coffee, allowing it to perk up people both physically and mentally. An additional advantage is that the caffeine in guarana is usually released slower than the caffeine in coffee, which may help a person avoid the sudden loss of energy that often follows high doses of many stimulants. This also means this natural supplement tends to stay in the system longer, which is why many people choose to use guarana for energy instead of sources such as coffee and soda.


Along with stimulation of the central nervous system usually comes a temporarily increased metabolism. This can be attractive to those looking to lose weight and build muscle. Related guarana benefits often include suppression of the appetite and reduction in cellulite, though it typically needs to be taken regularly for people to see any differences in the long run. An additional advantage of guarana that appeals to those looking to get in shape is improved sports performance, which often helps both professional athletes and people who play sports to lose weight. Among the guarana benefits for athletes also is the fact that there are not typically any specific limits for this stimulant when it comes to athletic organizations, as long as participants using it stay under the maximum limit for caffeine.

Some guarana benefits have little to do with its ability to help people get in shape, because this supplement is known for treating certain conditions. For instance, it is said to reduce gas, relieving both discomfort and bloating in the process of cleaning out the intestines. It also is sometimes used to get rid of headaches, menstrual cramping and urinary tract infections. Additional guarana benefits include a reduction in the risk of blood clots, cancer and malaria and an increase in blood pressure when it is low. Patients interested in these guarana benefits are encouraged to ask their doctor about how to start using this supplement to improve their health, because it should not take the place of professional treatment.


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I got a good dose of the flu lately and nothing seemed to kill it off completely. I used to drink Guarana drinks but eased off in favor of health drinks (fruit and vegetable juice) and I felt better for longer. But in desperation to get rid of this flu (without taking medicine) and I went back to a G drink for a few days. Wow! That kicked the flu right out, but whether it was the G or a delayed result, I don't know.

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