What are the Different Expediter Jobs?

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Expediter jobs can be found in the construction, trucking, manufacturing or food delivery industries. An expediter usually arranges for the transportation of different materials or products. He or she also makes sure all products arrive at the delivery site in good condition and on schedule.

On most construction job sites, the necessary materials and equipment are not delivered at once, but only when each component is needed. This is done to free up space at the job site and protect the material from being stolen or damaged. Construction companies rely on expediters to supervise the moving process and to have all materials ready when needed. Expediter jobs save a lot of money when done efficiently by keeping the construction going at the scheduled pace.

Expediters often spend most of their working day at the building site. They need to be physically present at construction and able to resolve issues quickly. Expediters usually do not have a set working time, but are contracted to work as long as necessary until the project is completed.

There are many expediter jobs that need to be completed during a construction project. Expediters need to communicate with vendors to make sure the merchandise is being forwarded on the specified shipping date. At the job site, some expediters oversee the distribution of the materials and check that everything has been delivered. Someone in this job is also sometimes required to speak with the shipping company and note any possible delays in transit.


Construction expediter jobs may also include consulting with an independent contractor or building company before the project begins on issues like budget, deadlines and the exact materials required. A person in this position is usually responsible for the progress of the work and checks often with the material suppliers to ensure that deliveries arrive on time. Should any problems arise, such as defective supplies or late deliveries, expediters are typically expected to have a back-up plan.

After construction has been completed, some expediters oversee the return of any unused material to the supplier. The job can also entail reviewing the completed project with the contractor and arranging for additional materials if some work needs to be redone. Expediters also need to keep accurate accounts of all the purchases and equipment, and make sure no resources have been wasted.

Trucking expediters can work in a variety of industries and can be hired to transport many types of products. Some of these jobs are time-sensitive, and the expediter is expected to work both day and night to deliver goods as quickly as possible. Expediters can also transport fragile or very valuable items that require handling them with added caution. Many of these types of expediters own and operate their own trucks, but can also be employees of trucking companies.

Expediters can also work in the manufacturing industry, where they are responsible for the shipping and delivery of supplies, equipment and other types of merchandise. Manufacturing expediters are usually employed to make sure the goods that the production vendor ships to the buyers are delivered on time and in good condition. Many of these expediters are also in charge of tracking various delivery-related figures. Other facets of the position can include drafting and archiving documents about manufacturing, labor, wages or material expenses.

There are also expediter jobs in the food service business. These workers are often responsible for coordinating the preparation of, and plating, food items, as well as coordinating their delivery from kitchens to recipients. Food expediters must be able to follow directions and ensure that the different foods being handled are properly prepared and delivered in a timely fashion.


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