What are the Different Exercise Physiology Jobs?

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Exercise physiology jobs are allied health careers specializing in the physiology or functioning of exercise. Exercise physiology is the study of how the body works. It entails the investigation of the analysis, improvement and maintenance of physical health and well-being.

Exercise physiology jobs can be found in hospitals, fitness and wellness centers and rehab centers. Exercise physiology jobs can also be found in universities, schools and some industrial settings implementing an overall employee wellness program. Typically the exercise physiologist works alongside a team of other healthcare professionals to assure the patient receives a comprehensive care treatment program to address all health and wellness issues. They are also involved in risk assessment for things like relapses and recurrent injuries which may impede the recovery process.

It is the job of the exercise physiologist to help clients regain and restore normal physical function. These healthcare professionals can choose to work with disabled individuals, the elderly population, people who sustained some sort of injury or with professional or amateur athletes to develop the strength and stamina required for the sport of choice. Specialization is common for the exercise physiologist.


Typically exercise physiology jobs require extensive knowledge and training in physical exercise and fitness as well as disease processes, ailments and injuries. The most common form of exercise physiologist works alongside other physical fitness professionals such as personal or sports trainers, massage therapists and physical therapists to design individualized exercise programs to enhance and maximize strength, endurance, flexibility and stamina.

Some new and exciting opportunities for exercise physiology jobs can be found working with animals. Training horses, for example, is one of the newest exercise physiology jobs where the therapist works with the training staff to maximize the potential of the competition horse. Many other opportunities are being found in the treatment of psychosocial issues. Exercise physiologists are utilized in these settings to help substitute physical wellness for psychological or social difficulties.

Exercise physiology jobs may be difficult to locate, as they may be disguised, but opportunities abound for the creative exercise physiologist. For example, some exercise physiology jobs can also be found in research. Everyday there are new advances made towards the overall health and wellness of people. An exercise physiologist can be a helpful addition to a research staff by presenting and implementing fitness routines that have a positive impact of health for a variety of illnesses, diseases and ailments.


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