What are the Different Esthetics Jobs?

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Jobs that fall under the category of beauty, personal care, grooming, or cosmetology are known as esthetics jobs. This includes hair stylists, barbers, skin technicians, nail and pedicure technicians, and those who provide spa treatments such as massage and aromatherapy. There are a number of different esthetics jobs, but they generally fall under one of the following categories: hair, skin, nails, spa treatments.


Esthetics jobs that fall under the hair category are typically hair stylists and barbers. Hair stylists wash, color, cut, and style hair. Barbers usually work on men, washing, cutting, and styling hair, as well as shaving and grooming beards and facial hair. Hair stylists may specialize in cutting, coloring, perming, or styling. Some hair stylists work in hair salons, some work from their homes, and some work at various locations, providing services to models, actors, or television personalities. Some hair stylists and barbers may extend traditional services to include massage and other relaxation techniques to enhance the styling experience.



Esthetics jobs in skincare usually entail giving facials, removing unwanted hair, and providing other treatments to combat dry or oily skin. A skincare specialist may work in a salon or spa, dermatologist's office, or may have a private practice. One of the most popular hair removal treatments is now laser hair removal, so that is a particularly excellent area to pursue. Skincare technicians who work for dermatologists or plastic surgeons may wish to continue their education to become a licensed paramedical esthetician. Licensed paramedical estheticians provide care for patients undergoing surgery both before and after the procedure.


Nail care is another focus of esthetics jobs. Some specialize in manicures, some do pedicures, and some do both. A nail technician may spend the day giving manicures, applying fake nail tips, air brushing designs onto fingernails or toenails, or giving pedicures. Again, nail technicians may work in a salon, spa, or in their own private practice.

Spa Treatments

Spa services is probably the broadest category of esthetics jobs. Many types of spa treatments are available and estheticians working for spas may set clients up for mud bath treatments, use aromatherapy to relax or invigorate customers, utilize various methods of massage, apply hot stones, hydrate, detoxify, or any number of other treatments. Some estheticians giving these types of treatments do so as an extension of their main focus, such as hairstyling, and some provide unique treatments exclusively.


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