What Are the Different Environmental Management Resources?

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Thanks to a worldwide burgeoning environmental awareness, there has never been a better time to explore some of the different environmental management resources available. Individuals, homeowners and businesspeople who are looking for environmental management resources can access national environmental agencies, local or regional divisions related to natural resources or resource management departments in colleges and universities. These agencies will address, at an official, semi-official or non-governmental organization level, issues such as water contamination, destruction of natural habitat, environmental health and safety in the home and waste disposal.

For example, a factory might shut down, leaving behind a dangerously dilapidated building and what look suspiciously like barrels of chemicals that might be leaching into groundwater. This is commonly known as a brownfield, and local residents who are concerned could start by contacting a national agency that protects the environment and the health of citizens. Any local government official should be able to direct citizens to the appropriate government agency, such as the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States or the Environment Agency in the United Kingdom.


Another example in which environmental management resources are needed might be when a home, farm or business is illegally sending raw sewage into a lake. A concerned citizen could identify and contact that area’s official water management resource protection division or watershed management district. One also could consult with a private water remediation contractor to clean up the lake, then attempt to force the responsible party to pay for the cleanup, through a lawsuit or other legal means. Similar situations in which environmental management resources are needed might be ideal for a non-profit environmental organization to provide help, because most government organizations are pressed for time and money.

Alternatively, citizens looking for environmental management resources could contact a local college or university, almost all of which have environmental resource divisions. These departments offer education in caring for the environment. Students in these departments might also be able to help citizens devise effective and sustainable recycling programs, public transportation programs, sustainable water use methods for lawns and parks and other ways to improve the environment.


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