What are the Different Editorial Assistant Jobs?

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There are many different types of editorial assistant jobs, ranging from the traditional type of office worker to the virtual worker who works off site through an Internet connection. Various employers use different titles for the same tasks and responsibilities, such as clerical editorial assistant or administration editorial assistant. Applicants should review the required tasks carefully and choose a job according to the tasks instead of the job title. Sometimes editorial assistant jobs are part-time employment without benefits, but generally the jobs are full-time employment with full benefits.

Some people categorize the jobs according to whether they're in the print market or the the online market. Although many of the basic tasks are similar, the jobs may have some differences. Editorial assistant jobs in the print market often include tracking book projects, preparing and facilitating publication schedules, and other tasks related to print market materials. Frequently, editorial assistants coordinate projects with the printers. Internet-based businesses frequently require applicants to have formal training in Internet coding and website procedures or experience in the field.

Most employers require formal training or college degrees, but some businesses offer editorial assistant jobs as entry-level jobs. Sometimes the entry-level jobs require only on-the-job experience, and usually people who acquire these positions are promoted from within the company. Generally, an editorial assistant has a variety of tasks, including researching authors' facts, proofreading, and similar editorial jobs. Experienced assistants may assign articles or suggest topics to writers.


Some print market businesses maintain websites and hire editorial assistants who are capable of managing the website. Often these editorial assistants write blogs and analyze the data collected from the website visitors. Many of these assistants are virtual employees, and some companies label these off-site jobs as virtual editorial assistant jobs. Virtual employees usually are associated with Internet-based businesses, but the field is opening up to more traditional jobs.

When seeking an editorial assistant job, a person may choose a specialty market. Many publishing companies seek individuals who are experienced in their specialty. For example, a craft publication may seek a crochet editorial assistant and require that applicant to be proficient in the art of crocheting. An automobile magazine may title the job as auto editorial assistant. Other specialties may include bilingual publications, food publications, or audio book companies.

Most of the companies that offer editorial assistant jobs need assistants to work with the production or managing editors. In many companies, executive editors, associate editorial directors or managers, and other executives have editorial assistants. Applicants may find other editorial assistant jobs at newspaper businesses, educational institutions, and other businesses that publish articles, press releases, and other types of communications.


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