What are the Different Dump Truck Driver Jobs?

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Dump truck driver jobs may seem self-explanatory. The main duty of the job is to drive a dump truck. However, it is not quite that simple. It requires skill and training to be a safe, effective, dump truck driver.

There are various industries that use dump trucks, such as engineering, mining, and construction. There are on-road and off-road dump truck driver job and there are also different types of trucks as well as different types of loads. Each of these dump truck driver jobs has diverse requirements.

A commercial driver’s license is necessary in most areas in order to be hired for dump truck driver jobs. For certain types of trucks and various loads that need to be hauled, a driver may need to obtain special endorsements on his or her license. A certain amount of previous experience may also be required in some cases in order to be hired for dump truck driver jobs.

Weight limits play a role in the type of truck used, as do axle limits. For safety as well as protection of roads and bridges, only a certain amount of weight can be carried per load. In order to spread the weight more effectively, larger or additional trailers - and thus more axles - may be utilized.


Probably the most common type of dump truck driver jobs is operating what is known as the end dump. This vehicle is equipped with a compartment or “bed” that is lifted at the front end, allowing the load to move downward to the back end and then out through the opened tailgate.

The belly dump truck is much like it sounds. It has a compartment, the belly, in the center to hold materials. The bottom of this compartment is opened and the material passes through that opening.

This style of truck allows easier composition of “windrows” or rows of material instead of piles. The unloading of the material is more controlled and the load can be released as the truck moves forward slowly, to evenly spread the load instead of depositing it in one large pile. This system may be safer as there is little chance for the bed to scrape the ground upon unloading or for the truck to tip over if the material is unloaded too quickly.

The side dump shares some of these features as well. It is less likely to tip if unloading is properly paced and it allows for more even dispersion of materials. The dump bed on this type of truck can be tipped to the right or left, depositing a longer, more spread out pile than that created by an end dump. Each of these types of dump truck driver jobs requires its own method of training.


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