What are the Different Database Manager Jobs?

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A database manager is person responsible for managing the staff and maintenance of a company's database. Database manager jobs typically include positions that are based on support, development, and maintenance of computer database file systems. These types of positions require personnel management, shift work, customer relationship support, and enterprise database management experience.

Most database manager jobs require a college degree in information technology. This education provides the foundation necessary to manage enterprise-level databases. The curriculum for these majors typically includes database design, configuration, and logistics.

The database manager is typically responsible for the company's enterprise data model. This data model defines the standards and rules for information within a database. This manager is responsible for the maintenance and support of enterprise database schemes within a company.

Understanding multiple database implementations is essential for database manager jobs. Each database has specific configuration and management nuisances. By understanding multiple types of databases, a database manager is better equipped to handle various problems.

Most large organizations use Oracle®, Microsoft SQL Server® or DB2® databases. These are the most popular database configurations used today. Each database has unique benefits that typically match the demands and specifications required for the company.


Databases require periodic upgrades and maintenance. These upgrades are referred to as maintenance releases. Most database manager jobs include the daily maintenance duties for the a company's database software and hardware. This is required by the database software vendor to ensure the system remains reliable.

The database manager is a critical position in an information technology department. Because of the importance of this position, database manager jobs typically require working nights and weekends and during emergencies. These types of schedules are necessary in the event of system malfunctions or failures.

The database manager is typically the logistics coordinator for an enterprise data center. This data center is the company's computer operations center. The database manager collaborates with the data center manager to coordinate upgrades and maintenance support. These upgrades are typically completed during the early hours of the day to reduce the effect on the business.

Many businesses employ their database managers within the engineering division of information technology. This is because the database manager works on both the hardware and software configurations of an enterprise infrastructure. This type of work is similar to other application hosting director jobs that also are part of the engineering unit.


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