What are the Different Data Entry Operator Jobs?

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A data entry position is a clerical job that requires an individual to enter information into a word processor. There are several data entry operator jobs available today. These jobs include transcribers, medical coders, research analysts, and general typists. These data entry jobs require an individual to input hard copy transcripts into automated computer file systems.

Data entry work is typically considered an entry-level job. It does not normally require any formal education or accreditation. A person seeking this type of position should be able to efficiently read and type information into a word processor. This will require a formal understanding of the language being entered into the computer application.

A medical coder is an individual who transcribes doctors' notes into specific medical codes for computer systems. He is also responsible for determining how much an insurance provider will pay for a specific medical procedure. This is one of many data entry operator jobs within the medical profession. The medical coder's job requires special training and certification.

A transcriber is an individual who converts hand-written notes into computer documents. This task is typically completed by administrative assistants and project management support staff. A transcriber is responsible for documenting formal meeting notes and executive minutes for corporate meetings to senior managers. These data entry operator jobs require attention to detail and organization skills that enable full discernment of meeting topics.


Most data entry operator jobs require extensive typing experience. The prerequisite is typically 50 words per minute (WPM) without mistakes. This is necessary because of the volume of information that is required to be entered into a computer processor. Typing is an easy skill to acquire, but takes considerable practice to be efficient.

A virtual assistant is another form of data entry operator job. This is an administrative assistant who works remotely. A virtual assistant can work at his own office or from home. He typically manages the logistics of travel for individuals. A virtual assistant manages the daily activities for his clients. This includes scheduling meetings, setting up lunch and dinner activities, and managing general organization.

Many corporations have large databases of data that contain critical information on customers, sales, products, and services. These databases are typically created by employees in data entry operator jobs. This type of job requires an individual to add information including addresses, phone numbers, and other personal data into database systems. The data is later used by corporations to produce mass mailing lists that can be used for marketing purposes.


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