What are the Different Construction Management Jobs?

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Construction management jobs abound in the construction industry, with the jobs often separated into groups. These groups include management positions at the company’s home office, on-site positions and field management. Project, time, contract and cost management positions typically work out of the office and provide details on completion times and project costs. On-site positions may include the foreman, estimator and superintendent. Field management positions are the inspector and safety specialist for different construction jobs.

Project managers manage multiple stages of each construction project and may also work multiple projects. These can be upper-management positions that involve owners of a construction firm who work with clients to set goals for each project and ensure crews complete building stages on time. This also meshes with a time management position found in construction firms. Time managers focus solely on the time lines of various projects and the allocation of resources to accomplish tasks.

Cost managers are construction management jobs that involve some accounting, along with traditional construction knowledge. These individuals track costs and ensure that any overruns are within range for a project. Construction management jobs need cost accounting managers who have the ability to make adjustments on projects from a cost viewpoint to ensure the company does not overpay for materials.


On-site construction management jobs utilize different positions to ensure projects and crews run smoothly on construction sites. Foremen are typically the top ground position for construction management. While they will typically work one project at a time, the foreman may also work multiple jobs in one region or division of the company. They act as the liaison between construction crews and the project manager. Estimators tend to work on the financial side of the on-site construction management jobs. They can estimate the total cost of goods needed for jobs, time of completion for projects and the necessary labor force for construction crews. Superintendent positions work between the foreman and the crews, making sure each task meets specific time lines and quality management controls.

Inspectors and safety specialists are outside management positions that will review the different stages of construction projects to ensure they meet external requirements or guidelines. While independent or with government agencies, companies can also employ their own safety specialists to review projects internally. These positions are independent from other managers so they do not accept bribes or false information that makes a project seem better on paper than it really is upon inspection. Most construction companies need the signature of a safety specialist in order to complete construction projects.


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