What are the Different Communications Coordinator Jobs?

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A communications coordinator may also be referred to as a communications specialist or public relations coordinator. Regardless of the job title, however, communications coordinator jobs are not the same across the board. Typically, the position entails organizing and executing marketing and advertising efforts. People who hold communications coordinator jobs also produce written and oral content meant for newspapers, television, radio, and the Internet.

Communications coordinator jobs may be found within a variety of businesses. Nonprofit organizations and charities also hire communications specialists. In these sorts of organizations, those who hold communications coordinator jobs are essential employees. As she is often the link between the public and the organization, the communications specialist may be held in high regard.

Smaller and larger for-profit companies also hire employees for communications coordinator jobs. Even if the company isn’t trying to make a political change in the community, a person is still needed to relate with the public. The communications specialist drafts press releases and either writes or performs radio spots or even television commercials. Furthermore, she relates with the public during company-sponsored events and related activities.

It is imperative that a communications specialist have a knack for the written word. Regardless of the forum, the communications professional spends a good amount of time developing, writing, and proofreading communication forms. Additionally, she should be well spoken and easy to relate with.


The communications coordinator may spend a lot of time both on the phone and using email during the day. The coordinator may also work at night. If she’s not giving a speech at an event, she may be providing support to the speech giver.

Though administrative duties may be performed by a communications coordinator, she also is often amidst the action. She is hands-on, and probably works partly from her desk and partly in the field. Informative materials, including documents meant to inform the public, are also handled by those with communications coordinator jobs.

Those in communications coordinator jobs may be the responsible for updating company communications. A small company that employs just one communications specialist may also put him in charge of the weekly or monthly newsletter. Additionally, the employee intranet is often run by someone who writes efficiently and eloquently. Though not always, that responsibility may also be part of a communications coordinator job.

A communications coordinator may have started out as an intern or assistant, working her way up the career chain. She likely has a bachelor's degree in communications or journalism. A master’s degree may be preferred for those who work with big-name corporations. While she may hold the title of communications specialist, she most likely answers to a manager or director. If she is the communications manager, she may have assistants or administrative employees reporting to her.


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