What are the Different Civil Service Careers?

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A career in the civil service means working as a civilian employee for a government agency. Some civil service careers require the applicant pass a civil service exam. In the United States, civil service careers include postal service, law enforcement, and firefighting.

Each civil service career has its own qualifications that must be met. In the US, whether or not an applicant is required to have passed a civil service exam depends on what position in the local, state, or federal government the applicant is applying for. If required, each applicant must take a civil service test to see if they have the proper character for such a job. If the applicant passes, they can move on to the next stage in the hiring process.

There are several different jobs available for those considering civil service careers in the postal system. Mail needs to be sorted and processed behind the scenes. Workers are needed to assist customers in mailing their letters and packages. Drivers are used to transport mail from one location to another. This can be from one post office to another, or from the post office to a house.


A career in law enforcement consists of working to assist those in need while keeping order in a designated jurisdiction. A law enforcement team may hand out speeding tickets or perform a drug bust. Each law enforcement agency is broken down in to different units. Civil service careers in this field can come in the form a state trooper, crime scene investigator, or animal cruelty investigator, among others.

A civil service career in firefighting requires men and women to be in excellent physical shape. In addition to passing the civil service exam, firefighters must pass rigid physical tests that are often timed. Firefighters have to be able to carry a man, woman, or child from a burning building if necessary. A firefighter's main job is to put out fires, but firefighters also respond to car accidents. The jaws of life is a tool that firefighters use to rescue individuals from their cars.

All civil service careers come with health and retirement benefits. Pursuing one of these careers should include an assessment of skills, and an investigation of job criteria. Once a career is chosen, the civil service exam may need to be taken. After then exam is passed, then an appointment needs to be scheduled to determine qualifications and capability.


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