What are the Different Case Worker Jobs?

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Employees in case worker jobs have a desire to help other people improve their current life situation. Case worker jobs are ideal for those who want to make a difference. Those employed in case worker jobs can help others cope and find solutions to everyday problems, including social problems and substance abuse issues. There are a variety of case worker jobs, including child, family and school social workers; public health and medical social workers; mental health and substance abuse social workers; and social and human service assistants. Other case worker jobs include eligibility interviewers for government programs, rehabilitation counselors, substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors and mental health counselors.

Child, family and school social workers offer services and assistance to help improve the psychological functioning of children and family members. Their objective is to help maximize the family’s overall well-being as well as the children’s academic performance. A medical or public health social worker provides psychosocial support to help people cope with different types of illnesses, such as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), Alzheimer's disease or cancer. He or she might advise caregivers, offer education and support to patients and make referrals for other needed social services.


Mental health and substance abuse social workers evaluate and treat patients who are dealing with substance abuse issues, such as alcohol or drugs. These workers might provide one-on-one help or group therapy. They might also take part in interventions and client advocacy.

Social and human service assistants help professionals, including those in social work, rehabilitation or psychology. These workers might assist clients in obtaining available benefits from social and community services. 
Eligibility interviewers for government programs decide the eligibility of a person or family applying to receive government assistance, including unemployment benefits, public housing and monetary assistance for the elderly or needy.

Rehabilitation counselors counsel and advise individuals who are coping with difficulties, such as accidents, birth defects, disease, illnesses or the stress of everyday life. These employees help coordinate activities that can best help residents of treatment and care facilities. Rehabilitation counselors also create customized rehabilitation plans, such as personal counseling, vocational counseling, job training and job placement.

Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors counsel and assist people who are dealing with addictions, such as those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling, or who have an eating disorder. These counselors might work with individuals or groups. They might also create and implement any necessary prevention programs. Mental health counselors advise individuals with the intended goal to promote mental health. These counselors might help people deal with a wide variety of problems involving the family, aging, mental or emotional health, stress management, substance abuse and suicide.


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Post 4

@ocelot60- I have a friend who works with individuals who are struggling with drug addictions. Though there are many frustrating cases, there are also a lot of people who kick their addictions and go on to be productive members of society. My friend says that he gets a lot of fulfillment from helping people thrive and make good life choices who at one time were addicted to drugs.

Post 3

@ocelot60- For many young women who want to go into the case work field, there is nothing more rewarding than working with children. There are many positions available in case work that allows employees in the field to help children. From working with families in need to helping troubled students, if your niece enjoys children, she should consider this area of case work as her major when she pursues her future career.

Post 2

@ocelot60- If you niece enjoys helping others, she should check out her local department of family services. These office often hire case workers to help individuals and families get resources they need to help them get back on their feet after experiencing hard times.

From housing to food to cash assistance, a case worker in this area will feel rewarded that she really did a lot to help people out in their times of need, whether they are dealing with job loss, incarceration, or drug addictions. It's also very rewarding to see the individuals and families get back on their feet and no longer need the public assistance that helped them through the rough times.

Post 1

I have a niece who is considering going into the field of case work. I didn't realize what a broad range of careers this field covers until I read this article. Does anyone have any thoughts about the most rewarding type of job in the case worker field that I can pass along to my niece?

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