What Are the Different Bruschetta Toppings?

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Different bruschetta toppings can include just about anything that can be prepared and served on top of toasted bread slices. Traditional toppings are often tomato-based: these are made using diced tomatoes that are combined with various herbs and seasoning, such as basil, salt and pepper. There are also numerous bruschetta toppings that can be prepared around another ingredient, such as different types of fish, vegetables, and cheeses that are crumbled or shredded. Even sweet ingredients can be used for bruschetta, such as diced fresh fruit, as long as they can be easily served on slices of toasted bread.

Bruschetta simply refers to slices of toasted bread that are rubbed with pieces of garlic and then drizzled with olive oil. That is the simplest and most basic of possible bruschetta toppings, though it is served with a wide range of possible options on the bread. The traditional method of serving the dish includes tomato that is diced and allowed to drain before being mixed with other ingredients. Different herbs and seasoning can be included with this, though ingredients such as basil and thyme are quite common as are diced garlic and minced onion.


Beyond this very basic approach, however, there is an incredibly wide range of possible options for bruschetta toppings, depending on the preferences of someone making it. Many different types of vegetables, for example, can be used to make this dish. This can include mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and zucchini, which can all be served raw or cooked in a little butter or olive oil. Even different types of meat can be used as bruschetta toppings, such as ground pork, anchovies, and other kinds of fish.

Cheese can be a central ingredient in certain bruschetta toppings, in which it can be served in a number of ways. A large slice of soft cheese can be placed over other ingredients on a piece of bread and then toasted with it, allowing the cheese to melt. This approach can also be used with shredded cheeses. Firmer types of cheese can be crumbled onto the bruschetta, often mixed with other ingredients like diced olives or mushrooms.

There are even sweet bruschetta toppings that can be prepared, since the bread itself is a fairly neutral flavor. Fresh fruit, for example, can be diced and mixed into a compote or chutney and then spread onto toasted bread. The garlic can be left out of this type of preparation, and other types of fruit like figs and raisins also work quite well.


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