What are the Different Bee Pollen Side Effects?

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Bee pollen is a well-known natural remedy and a common ingredient in many types of nutritional supplements. Despite its popularity, some health care professionals have expressed skepticism about its efficacy as well as concern about potential bee pollen side effects. While some of these side effects, such as stomach ache or nausea, are relatively mild and easily treated, others are more serious, requiring emergency medical treatment and even hospitalization. The most common side effects of bee pollen are allergic reactions characterized by stuffy nose, facial swelling, and difficulty breathing. Many experts caution against the use of bee pollen during pregnancy, as it is considered a uterine stimulant that may bring on miscarriage or premature labor.


Companies that sell supplements made up mainly or partially of bee pollen often claim that bee pollen can be used to provide energy, treat stomach problems, and desensitize users against common allergens such as ragweed. None of these claims have been scientifically proved, and in some cases bee pollen side effects are identical to the symptoms that the user is trying to treat. While it is difficult to prove or disprove claims that the pollen gives a person a greater sense of energy or well-being, health care professionals have strongly questioned the claims of bee pollen marketers that bee pollen can help prevent allergy symptoms. According to skeptics, taking a known allergen orally in hopes of desensitizing oneself to similar allergens is not particularly effective and may do more harm than good.

While rare, anaphylactic shock, acute hepatitis, and renal failure have been reported in people using bee pollen. If an individual is already aware that he or she suffers from pollen allergies, caution in using bee pollen is probably a good idea, and the person should check with a doctor before using any remedy that includes bee pollen. Since bee pollen is so commonly used in many health products, including nutritional bars, drinks, and lotions, people who are concerned about bee pollen side effects would do well to read ingredient labels carefully. Symptoms of a bee pollen allergic reaction, such as an itchy throat, wheezing, or swelling, should be monitored closely. If they become severe or the individual suffering from bee pollen side effects has known allergies, emergency medical attention should be sought immediately.


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Post 3

I find it interesting to read about the bee pollen benefits. I know that honey and royal jelly, both of which come from honeybees, also have good health benefits.

If you suffer from allergies, I have read to take a couple teaspoons a day of local honey to help with your allergies. Something about the honey from your local flowers helps build your immunity to them.

What I find so interesting is that if you are allergic to certain types of pollen, that ingesting bee pollen can cause you to have the same type of symptoms. It sounds like if you already have an allergic reaction to pollen, this is something you should begin using cautiously.

Post 2

I have read that bee pollen can be very energizing, and thought I would give it a try. I went to my local health food store and bought some bee pollen granules and decided to take them faithfully for one month and see if I noticed a difference.

I did not notice much of a difference right away. Because I did not experience any negative side effects, I continued taking the granules every day for a month. When I ran out, and had not taken any for a couple of weeks is when I really noticed the difference. I found myself dragging and feeling lethargic.

It finally dawned on me that it must be the bee pollen. After I resumed taking it again, my energy level was back. Since then I have been good about taking it on a regular basis. I don't take it every day, but make sure to have some at least 3-4 times a week.

Post 1

I take bee pollen on a regular basis and feel that it gives me more strength and stamina. One book I was reading on bee pollen said that, except for lacking any fiber, it is a whole and complete food.

The only side effect of bee pollen I have noticed is a slight stomach ache. I did not want to discontinue taking this supplement just because of this minor discomfort, so did some reading and found a solution to my problem.

The bee pollen I was taking was directly from a bee keeper and not in capsule form. I found that if I crushed it into a finer texture, it was easier to absorb and I did not get the stomach aches as before.

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