What are the Different Beauty Consultant Jobs?

J.S. Metzker Erdemir

Beauty consulting is a growing and increasingly competitive industry worldwide. There are many different beauty consultant jobs available, from working in a salon to owning a business. Beauty consultants work closely with their clients, advising them about hair, nails, cosmetics, or skin care. Some beauticians might even make specialized careers consulting for big events like weddings and beauty pageants.

Some beauticians focus on specialties like beauty pageants.
Some beauticians focus on specialties like beauty pageants.

A beauty consultant’s job is advise people about their personal appearance, and to help them find the look and products that work best with their lifestyle. Some beauty consultant jobs have a particular focus, like skin care or make-up, while others might deal with all aspects of a person’s face, hair, and clothing. Successful beauty consultants should be well-groomed and fashion-savvy. They need a degree or certificate from an accredited program. They should also be up-to-date with the latest trends and products, and have excellent interpersonal communication skills.

Some beauty consultant jobs have a particular focus, like skin care or make-up.
Some beauty consultant jobs have a particular focus, like skin care or make-up.

A lot of beauty consultants work in salons or spas, either as employees or privately in a rented space. A beautician in a salon might have a specialty, such as children’s hair, men’s grooming, or skin care, and some salons are quite competitive. Most states require beauticians in salons to have a license, especially in jobs where hygiene can be an issue, like manicurists, cosmetologists, and hairdressers.

Beauty consultants will advise their clients about nail care.
Beauty consultants will advise their clients about nail care.

Many beauty consultant jobs in the US are in large department stores. These beauticians generally work behind the counters in cosmetics departments as sales representatives for a certain brand of make-up. These jobs involve not only advising people on the colors and types of make-up that work the best for them, but also selling the products. The consultants might also do facials and makeovers as part of their work. They generally have 40-hour work weeks, with some employees earning a salary, a commission, or both.

Beauty consultants can give advice on hair care and styling.
Beauty consultants can give advice on hair care and styling.

Other common beauty consultant jobs are in direct sales with companies like Avon® and Mary Kay®. These beauticians work one-on-one with clients or small groups, usually in the clients’ homes. Some may even do door-to-door sales, though most find work through friends and other personal contacts. Sales representatives for these companies often demonstrate the products with makeovers and facials, and they might sell anything from home spa products to fragrances. These beauticians work on commission, and many of these companies offer increasingly attractive awards and prizes to successful salespeople and beauticians who recruit others to work for the company.

A lot of beauty consultants work in spas.
A lot of beauty consultants work in spas.

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@whitesand - It sounds like you have a great plan and a lot of enthusiasm. It's been a few years since I've attended beauty college but back then it was nearly ten thousand dollars for an eleven month course in cosmetology.

I attended a beauty course in every aspect of cosmetology which I think is what you are looking for. Today I am the district manager for an entire chain of beauty supply wholesalers. I absolutely love my job and I contribute all of my success to those few months in beauty college.


Can anyone tell me about how much beauty colleges cost? I want to learn everything there is to know about cosmetology. I plan to open my own salon someday and I want to offer my clients everything from hair to skin to nails.


@babylove - I know exactly what you mean when you say that the first thing you think of is Avon and Mary Kay when you hear "beauty consultant"! I thought it was just me that thought that way. I was a Mary Kay consultant for several years but left that behind when I moved and had children.

Now that my children are going to school I'd to get back in to the beauty business but I'm thinking maybe a more specific beautician job instead. Like, a manicurist or make-up artist? Or maybe both!

I really want to take some beauty courses and earn a degree first. I'm really passionate about all the different beauty consultant opportunities so I don't think it would be a challenge for me to earn the degree. I definitely would not lose interest. The challenge would be deciding where to focus my energy.

Maybe my past beauty training as a Mary Kay consultant will give me the experience I need, especially if I go down the make-up artist route. Who knows, with a degree in make-up artistry I could go back to Mary Kay and be an even better consultant than before?


When I hear the words "beauty consultant" the first thing I think of are the Avon and Mary Kay ladies. I had no idea that it went as far as hairstylists and wardrobe consultants and other salon jobs.

I think that if you are going to be a beauty consultant working at a salon that does hair or nails or something of that nature then it is right to require a degree in cosmetology. On the other hand, if you're working with clients at a department store or selling beauty products by direct sales then I don't think the degree is necessary. But I do think that these consultants that do not require a degree to do business would be well-advised to go to seminars and fashion shows to keep up with the latest trends of what men and women are currently wanting.

Becoming a beauty consultant sounds really fun and interesting. Perhaps I'll start somewhere like a department store that does not require a degree and then work my way up to a fashion consultant or something of that nature! It would be very neat to know that I'm helping people with their beauty and fashion questions as a consultant!

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