What are the Different Banquet Manager Jobs?

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Small hotels or banquet halls might have one banquet manager who handles all functions related to banquet manager jobs. Large facilities that host several large functions at once might have several banquet managers who are meant to work together to create a cohesive and flawless event. Different banquet manager jobs might consist of a setup manager, a serving manager and a kitchen manager. Each of the banquet manger jobs plays a vital role in the hospitality industry.

A banquet setup manager might be responsible for ensuring that all setup is done for a banquet. This involves whatever items will be used for the banquet and might include tables, chairs, linens, dance floors, audio-visual equipment and facility-provided decorations. Banquet manager jobs that involve setup might involve working with outside vendors to ensure that each item needed for a banquet is at the facility.

Serving managers work to train individuals who will serve food at banquets as well as overseeing them during a function. The serving manager will work to diffuse any disagreements that might come up and also ensures that customers are extremely satisfied with their level of service. Of all the banquet manager jobs, this one deals with the customer the most.


A banquet kitchen manager oversees kitchen staff and food production before, during and after a banquet. Many times, this can be a stressful position, because only so much work can be completed before a banquet. The rest must be done the day of or during the banquet, all while maintaining taste and presentation. Delegating jobs to other kitchen staff members is important in this role, as is ordering the correct amount of food and keeping food costs down without sacrificing quality.

Banquet manager jobs often do not require any special schooling, although education in the hospitality industry can be helpful. Many banquet managers started off as office or kitchen help in a hotel or banquet hall and progressed through the ranks. In addition, management training programs might be useful to banquet managers.

Many banquet manager jobs require the individual to work nights, weekends and holidays, because these are when banquets are often held. In addition, banquet managers are expected to be on their feet for long hours at a time. The work can be very physically taxing.

Possessing the ability to think through problems in a timely and calm manner might be beneficial in many banquet manager jobs. Great people skills and the ability to handle stress and pressure are also important. Heavy lifting might also be involved in some banquet manager jobs.


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