What are the Different Asset Protection Jobs?

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A number of positions exist under the category of asset protection jobs. People with a background in the military or law enforcement may be interested in these kinds of positions. Retailers are an example of employers who need asset protection or loss prevention specialists on their payroll.

In the case of a retail chain, people with asset protection jobs are employed to detect shoplifters. In addition, they patrol the premises to alert fellow employees and management to risky situations where the store may be vulnerable to a loss. Part of the job also involves monitoring the premises with closed-circuit TV monitors.

As someone with an asset protection job, you would also be asked to help investigate incidents involving shoplifting. Taking statement from witnesses and interacting with police personnel are part of the job. As part of your duties, you may be asked to provide a detailed statement about events you have witnessed.

Internal theft is also a concern for businesses, and part of asset protection jobs means monitoring the actions of fellow employees for suspicious activity. Someone working in this type of position will need to be prepared to report what they have witnessed to their supervisor or management, depending on their employer's stated policy. The fact that the employer has workers assigned to asset protection roles may act as a deterrent against internal theft.


Another job title in the asset protection jobs category is that of asset protection coach. This position may involve some training of new employees in loss prevention. You will also be expected to prevent and assist with investigations, as needed. Part of your duties may include supervising the shipping and receiving department, since this may be a prime area where losses occur.

You may be interested in the position of asset protection manager if your interests run to asset protection jobs. For this role, you would likely need to have a Bachelor's Degree, as well as several years of retail management experience. Part of your duties in this role would involve training new employees on issues surrounding loss protection and asset protection.

Other types of employers hire asset protection officers for security duties. You can find asset protection jobs in hospitals, financial institutions, colleges or universities in this capacity. A security company may hire you and then send you out on assignments to various locations to work.

To get this type of work, you would need to have some training in loss prevention. An employer may offer training or you may need to complete a course before being hired. You will need to be able to pass a background check before being hired.


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