What are the Different Aspects of Business Security?

Sheri Cyprus

The term business security can refer to many different aspects of company protection. It may mean the physical security of the premises, especially against loss prevention, or it could refer to safeguarding computer systems against potential hackers who may try to steal company information. Business security can also refer to the aspect of the company's finances being in order.

Information business security protects company information and that of online customers.
Information business security protects company information and that of online customers.

Business securities are bonds, stocks and other investment strategy materials. For example, many businesses attract investors by having sound securities that can help them build new funds, or capital, for their firms. Financial security, in the sense of having sufficient funds to run a business, is absolutely essential, or a company will likely not be able to survive.

Business security includes loss prevention, such as through shoplifting.
Business security includes loss prevention, such as through shoplifting.

Information business security includes the protection of all company information, such as printed checks, computer programs, employee information, sales strategies and many more items. Security solutions for a company may vary from simple, hand-controlled paper shredders to complex, anti-hacker computer protection software. Businesses must not only protect themselves against valuable information being stolen, but also ensure the safety of their employees and customers. For instance, e-commerce companies that are used for online shopping by consumers must do everything possible to protect customer information such as their credit card numbers.

Personal security is a concern of businesses in that they must follow laws pertaining to employee safety. These laws not only include safe work stations as well as equipment, but also in management's ensuring the workplace is free from all types of violence and abuse. Business security in general means a safe environment for everyone as well as all of the company's property.

Loss prevention, or theft, is a big concern for all types of businesses. Retailers use business security strategies such as video cameras and loss prevention monitors to help deter as well as catch shoplifters. Shoplifters are those who steal from shops or stores. While shoplifting is mainly a problem of retain stores, wholesale companies also have to use business security precautions to prevent theft. They may hire an evening security guard and/or install an electric fence around valuable property.

Business security includes the design of entryways as well as limiting access to the company. For this reason, only managers or a few employees will have keys or entry cards to company property. Heavy duty door locks, window bars, industrial lighting and burglar alarms are common commercial security measures used by corporate, retail and wholesale companies alike.

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