What are the Consequences of a History of Eviction?

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There are a number of possible consequences for someone with a history of eviction on his or her record or credit report. One of the major issues that may come up for someone is an inability to find a place that will rent him or her an apartment. Even if he or she can find an apartment, the property owner may require a larger deposit or require the renter have a co-signer for the apartment. Having a prior eviction can also damage a person’s credit report, and so he or she may find difficulty getting credit cards or even finding employment.

A history of eviction typically comes about due to someone being evicted from an apartment or other leased housing due to one of a number of issues. Eviction can come about due to failure to pay rent, a violation of the terms of the lease, or a refusal by someone to vacate a rented property after the end of a lease. Depending on the nature of a person’s eviction history, the potential consequences can range quite a bit in severity. While eviction may not legally allow a person to completely deny someone a rental opportunity, it can certainly alter the person’s eligibility for future rentals.

Someone with a history of eviction on his or her record will always want to be honest about it when discussing a possible renting opportunity. If someone lies about having an eviction, and a background check shows that he or she does an eviction, then a property owner is well within his or her rights to deny a renter due to misrepresentation on a rental application. Depending on fair renting laws in a region, having an eviction may not be enough to preclude someone from future rentals, but it can certainly make rental more difficult.

Many property owners may require someone with a history of eviction pay a greater security deposit before moving into an apartment. The owner may also require a co-signer or roommate who has a better credit report and does not have a history of eviction. All of these factors can make it far more difficult for someone who has been evicted to find a new rental property. Since an eviction can have a negative impact on a person’s credit rating, the eviction can also affect other opportunities.

Someone with poor credit may not be able to lease a new car or receive credit cards. Certain employers will also run a background report and check a person’s credit rating before hiring, especially if the job would include security or money handling. Law enforcement agencies often will not hire someone with a very poor credit rating because financial difficulties can indicate a candidate who may be more likely to accept a bribe or otherwise take money illegally.

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While an eviction is never a positive item when it appears on a rental background check, this bit of rental history does not mean a person will never be able to rent an apartment or house again. If a person has managed to establish or reestablish a good credit rating after an eviction then he does have that in his favor. An apartment owner might be willing to overlook the eviction as long as he believes the potential tenant is likely to pay his rent in the future.

Post 1

I don't know the laws regarding renting to someone who has an eviction in his past, but I have done contract work with apartment complexes, and the complex managers I knew would not rent to someone who had been evicted from a rental unit previously. That was one of the first things managers looked for when they conducted a tenant background check.

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