What Are the Common Characteristics of People with High Self-Esteem?

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People with high self-esteem often have several characteristics or traits that are a direct result of their confidence. They are typically able to communicate effectively with others and adapt easily to changes in circumstances. A confident person is driven to succeed, although they are rarely competitive with others. The ability to maintain healthy relationships and approach life with enthusiasm are also common.

When a person is secure in his or her capabilities, this generally translates to his or her interactions with other people. Those with high self-esteem are usually secure in what they want and need, and know how to effectively communicate these desires or needs to others. This confidence also allows them to listen to others as well, leaving them open to new ideas and advice. It is rare for a person with high self-esteem to take issue with constructive criticism from others. This not only allows them to grow and change as individuals, but also to foster healthy and beneficial relationships with others.

In general, people with high self-esteem are secure enough in their capabilities to adapt easily to life changes, including setbacks. Even if they fail at something, they are typically ready and willing to try again or to move on to the next stage in their life. This characteristic stems from a person’s confidence in his or her existing talents and his or her ability to learn the necessary skills to deal with new challenges.


Due to a person’s belief in himself or herself, he or she is often driven to improve his or her current situation. A person with this level of self-confidence usually believes that he or she not only can do better, but also deserves better. This often leads to a strong ambition in a person’s career and a high desire to constantly improve personally.

While people with high self-esteem are typically ambitious and goal-oriented, they usually have no desire to beat other people on their way to self-improvement. Confidence often leads to someone setting personal goals for himself or herself that have nothing to do with those around them. These people are typically competitive only with themselves, looking constantly to achieve new successes.

In their personal life, those with these characteristics often make it seem easy to maintain healthy, strong relationships with friends, family, and partners. This is because people with high self-esteem think enough of themselves to avoid those who attempt to hold them back or remove themselves from relationships that are unhealthy. Their confidence also usually makes them a very giving friend or partner, which attracts people of the same caliber to them.

Overall, people with high self-esteem thoroughly enjoy daily activities and life in general. They are typically confident enough to try new activities, allowing them to experience different things and have fun on a regular basis. Their lack of self-doubt or fear of failure, both of which are common in those with low self-esteem, allows them to enjoy most things in life unhindered.


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Post 3

@SarahGen-- People with excessive self esteem often have those characteristics but people with a healthy level of self esteem don't.

Determining someone's level of self esteem can be difficult. That's why there are self esteem tests that professions in the psychology and psychiatry fields use.

Those with high self esteem don't have negative characteristics. But it's true that if self esteem becomes excessive, problems will arise. It's not normal to have very low self esteem or very high self esteem. Both may result in personality disorders. But it's not a good idea to label people based on what we think either. Only a professional can determine if an individual's level of self esteem is normal and healthy.

Post 2

I don't think that people with high self esteem have all positive characteristics. I think they have negative ones as well. People with high self esteem are sometimes selfish, calculative and manipulative. I'd rather have poor self esteem than to be this way.

Post 1

I agree with all of the characteristics mentioned in the article. I also think that people with high self esteem are less likely to compare themselves with others and less likely to feel jealous. This also translates into more successful relationships because no one wants to be with someone who is extremely jealous of them. Jealousy is a low self esteem symptom and has a very negative impact on relationships. It makes the partner feel uneasy, suffocated and in some cases, even afraid.

Men and women with high self esteem are sure of themselves and know that they are valuable people. They give space to their loved ones but also express their love and affection. They are not afraid to lose relationships.

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