What Are the Common Causes of Dry Skin around the Nose?

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Cold weather, dry heat, and blowing the nose frequently can cause dry skin around the nose. In addition, drying acne treatments and rosacea are also common factors in this skin problem. Dry skin around or on the nose is rarely a serious health problem, and the vast majority of these cases can be solved with a humidifier and regular moisturizer.

A common cause of dry skin around the nose is cold weather. When a person spends a lot of time outdoors, or even when he or she spends the majority of time indoors with the heat on, it can cause the skin to dry out. Both cold weather and dry heat can lead to this problem, and it only gets worse if the nose runs or itches and the person rubs the affected area. The solution is to cover the mouth and nose when outdoors, run a humidifier when indoors, and moisturize often.


Dry skin can also be caused by some acne treatments. Many creams, scrubs, and gels designed to treat acne are very drying when applied, and in fact, these products often have a warning on the label saying they can irritate or dry skin. To solve this problem, a person can try switching acne treatments or at least moisturizing thoroughly after each treatment. If the area around the nose is not currently affected by acne or does not usually break out, it is likely best to avoid using the treatment on that part of the face altogether.

After a week or so with the common cold or flu, there may be dry skin around the nose due to frequent nose blowing or wiping. The friction of constantly wiping or blowing with a tissue removes protective oils on the skin and can eventually damage the top layer. When this happens, the nose becomes red, tender to the touch, and sometimes dry. To solve this problem, a person can use a fragrance- and dye-free moisturizer. Moisturizes with fragrances and dyes can cause further irritation and burning to chafed skin, so a person’s normal moisturizer might not be sufficient.

Rosacea is a condition that typically causes redness across areas of the face. Many people with this problem experience dry skin on parts of the face, including the nose. Although not all people with rosacea experience this problem, medical professionals typically suggest that those who do deal with it by applying a moisturizing lotion.


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Post 3

@ZipLine-- Apply petroleum jelly on the dry skin patches throughout the day. It shouldn't sting and it will keep your skin hydrated and relieve the pain.

If you don't have petroleum jelly, you can also use aloe vera or good old honey. These are also very hydrating and soothing, and aloe vera is great for that burning sensation from friction.

Are you using those tissues with lotion in them? If not, you should. I use those throughout the winter, they really do make a difference.

Post 2

I have seborrheic dermatitis, which causes dry, flaky skin on my face including my nose. My doctor said that it's genetic but it can be aggravated by skin products and a type of yeast that lives on the skin. I'm using a medicated lotion that he prescribed right now. It's working well, the dryness and the flakes have reduced. I just hope I don't have to use topical medications forever.

Anyone else here been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis? What are you being treated with? Anyone try holistic remedies?

Post 1

I've been sick for the past week. The corners of my nostrils are completely red, irritated and painful from using tissues. I can't even touch my nose anymore!

I tried lotion but it burns like crazy! Is there something else I can use? Please help!

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