What are the Common Aviane&Reg; Side Effects?

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Aviane®, a hormonal contraceptive, can come with side effects in some patients. Common Aviane® side effects include changes in the menstrual cycle, weight gain, and nausea. Patients can experience side effects to varying degrees, and if they become intolerable, a doctor can discuss an alternative medication. Numerous hormonal contraceptive products are available, and it is possible a patient may experience fewer side effects on a different drug.

This medication releases hormones to prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation and changing the texture of the cervical mucus to make it harder for sperm to navigate. Patients take active pills for three weeks, followed by a week of placebo pills used as a placeholder to help them maintain a regular schedule. This week off the medication allows the patient to experience a menstrual period.

Common Aviane® side effects include changes in the menstrual cycle, such as fewer or more periods or spotting between periods. The menstrual period can also become lighter in patients on this medication. Patients may also experience cramps and breast tenderness, along with stomach upset. Nausea and vomiting can occur. Darkening of the skin, along with fatigue, are also potential Aviane® side effects. Some patients also grow more facial hair or notice a change in the distribution of weight on their bodies.


More serious Aviane® side effects include chest pain, severe migraines, jaundice, depression, and edema, where fluid buildups cause the extremities to swell. These side effects need to be evaluated by a doctor and the patient may need to be taken off the medication. Aviane® can also cause birth defects, and if a woman becomes pregnant while on the medication, she should stop using it and discuss the situation with her doctor.

Like other hormonal contraceptives, Aviane® works best when it is taken regularly and on a set schedule. Patients should take a pill if they have missed a dose, unless it is close to the time scheduled for the next dose. Doubling pills is not recommended, and may cause patients to feel nauseous. Missed pills increase the chances of pregnancy and women should use extra precautions after missing a pill to avoid pregnancy. If women stop taking the medication because the Aviane® side effects are too severe, they will be vulnerable to pregnancy until they are on another hormonal birth control method. Alternatives to hormones, including diaphragms and intrauterine devices, are available for patients who cannot tolerate hormonal birth control.


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Post 5

I have been taking Aviane over six months now. So far, I think I got lucky with having little to no side effects. My period starts on the same day every pack and my flow is relatively the same. One thing I noticed is that my breasts have grown since I started this, which I actually personally dislike for myself. I can't fit certain tops and I have to throw out my old bras.

Post 4

@ddljohn: I have been taking Aviane for a couple of years and always skipping the placebos. I just had to have my doctor write the prescription that way so that I wouldn't run out before my next refill. I know a lot of women are uncomfortable with the idea of not having periods but for me it's awesome. I am less moody, no cramping, no endometriosis pain (it was pretty severe before) and no worries about having a period on vacation. I would even say that I have fewer side effects.

Post 3

For the most part, I've been happy with the side effects of Aviane, except for one. Before taking Aviane, I had the worst periods ever. I had terrible cramps, was in a horrible mood and my bleeding was very heavy. Every month it was like giving birth and I literally couldn't get out of bed for the first couple of days.

After I started taking Aviane, I have barely any cramps during my time of the month. The bleeding is less intense and I don't get so upset anymore. I'm loving these side effects! The side effect I don't love is that it has considerably reduced my libido. I feel like I have no sex drive whatsoever.

I don't really want to switch to another drug, because I'm pretty happy with Aviane. I just don't know what I can do about the libido part. Has anyone else experienced this with Aviane?

Post 2

@ddljohn-- I have skipped the inactive tablets before but it was doctors orders. I would never do that on a whim, after all, it is a hormone and I'm sure it could cause more side effects that way. And as far as I know, the purpose of the inactive pills are to make sure that you have your period and your body doesn't get the idea that it's pregnant.

If you skip your period by skipping the inactive pills, your body might think that you are pregnant and you might actually have false symptoms of pregnancy. This was the case with my previous birth control pills. It used to make me bloated, I had cravings, mood swings, the works.

So I don't think it's safe to do this unless specifically directed by your doctor.

Post 1

I started taking Aviane one month ago. After I had my period two weeks ago, I started to spot and have been doing so almost on a daily basis since then. I know this is one of the more common side effects of this drug, but is it normal for it to happen at this frequency and length? I used to never get spotting before taking this drug so I'm a little worried.

Also, a friend of mine who is also on Aviane told me that she doesn't take any of the inactive tablets, but only the active tablets. Apparently, she does this to skip her period all together. She told me that many women do this.

My doctor did not say anything about this to me. Is this safe to do? Won't this increase Aviane birth control's side effects?

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