What are the Best Ways to Waterproof Concrete?

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The most effective ways to waterproof concrete generally involve some type of injection or sealant that protects the concrete from breaking and cracking due to corrosion. Finding ways to fully prevent these water-related issues has been no easy task for professionals in the industry. It has taken many years of trial and error to find products that have any effect on water damage on a long-term basis. Even now, concrete that is located outdoors may not be fully protected and will need to be repaired periodically.

Hydrophilic systems are available, and act by replacing the water inside the concrete with insoluble crystals. This helps to avoid water absorption and cracking. Another method is the hydrophobic system, which is effective by inserting certain fatty acids into the concrete. These block pores in the structure and do not allow water to pass easily.

Polymer materials can also be used to waterproof concrete. These form a protective barrier, or sealant, around the structure and prevent water from getting to the concrete beneath. These methods can be very effective at preventing damage in basements and other semi-humid conditions. Occasionally, in very wet atmospheres, the sealant may need to reapplied.


Epoxy is another sealant method used to waterproof concrete. This is an older system that is slowly being replaced by newer products as they become available. However, epoxy can still be an effective system for protecting concrete against the elements as long as a quality product is purchased and a skilled professional handles the application.

Polyaspartics are a new technologically advanced system used to waterproof concrete. They act by actually seeping into the concrete and becoming a part of the structure itself. This helps by blocking water absorption from the inside out. These products are different from traditional sealants because instead of covering the concrete, they become elements of the concrete itself.

In order to choose the most effective ways of waterproofing concrete, it is wise to talk to a professional, either in a home improvement warehouse or by calling a contractor who specializes concrete. These professionals are knowledgeable about all available options and will know which methods work best for which structures. They will also be able to recommend products to consumers based on their own experiences.

The most important thing in finding methods to waterproof concrete is having any product properly applied. Failure to do so can result in normal corrosion and water damage over time if the situation is not remedied. Severe damage may require repairs to be completed before a proper sealant can be used.


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