What are the Best Ways to Repair Old Plumbing?

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Before old plumbing can be repaired, it is essential to understand the problem at hand. Repairing an old toilet is not the same as repairing an older bathtub, for example. Therefore, the specific issue must be comprehended prior to any type of plumbing repair. That said, plumbing is not always easy to repair without the help of a professional plumber.

Still, there are some quick repair methods available that may help to rescue old plumbing. Tools that you should have handy at all times include a wrench, an auger, a plunger, a pipe wrench, pliers, compression nuts, rings, and faucet seals. Once you have acquired all of these tools, you'll need to familiarize yourself with all the shut-off valves that are connected to each fixture within your home.

After locating the problem fixture, shut off the valve to that fixture by turning it clockwise. If you cannot find a valve for a particular fixture, turn off the main house valve. Most old plumbing problems can be fixed by simply removing a fixture, finding a leak, or other issue, and repairing it.


If you have attempted to repair a fixture without any luck, it might be time to call a professional plumber. Sometimes old plumbing can be more complicated than it appears. In this case, attempting to remove or adjust plumbing may be detrimental. A professional plumber will be able to pinpoint the problem right away, and this could save you time and money in the long run.

When money is an issue, you may be able to find the answer to your old plumbing problem online. The Internet is full of helpful plumbing websites that are run by professional plumbers. By simply asking a specific question, you may be able to repair your plumbing on your own. However, you should keep in mind that old and rusted plumbing may have to be replaced entirely.

If you are dealing with a cracked pipe, you would be wiser to repair the pipe rather than fix it. In most cases, small cracks in old pipes will spread. Even if you attempt to fix a crack with a pipe repair sleeve, these can be purchased at your local hardware store, cracks will still get bigger over time. In this instance, it is best to spend the money to replace cracked pipes entirely. While not optimal, sometimes old plumbing simply cannot be fixed.


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