What are the Best Ways to Organize Bedrooms for Kids?

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One of the best ways to organize bedrooms for kids is by following the example of nursery school classrooms where different room sections are designated for different activities. Clutter can be managed by the parent and child sorting through belongings at regular intervals and deciding which items to keep and which to dispose of. Storage space can be maximized by providing storage bins at strategic spots and making modifications to the closet. Providing the kids with furniture designed for their height will help facilitate their compliance and cooperation in putting away their belongings. With a little thought, a chaotic room can be transformed into an organized one.

Just as school classrooms are divided into different areas where items needed for different functions are stored in a particular place, bedrooms for kids can follow the same plan. One part of the room can be a reading section where books are stored, and another can be a play area with a designated place for toys. Perhaps a part of the room containing a desk can be set up for doing homework and housing school supplies. An arts area could be arranged with a small table, chairs and box containing crayons and coloring books.


Closets in bedrooms for kids can be made more functional by installing an additional rod at their height. Clothing can be organized by color, seasonality and type. Shoe organizers can be purchased and installed so footwear can be neatly stored in tiers. Pegs can be attached to the back of the closet door to provide for easy hanging of a robe or backpack. Organizers that are clear or with an open top will allow children to see where to store things.

In regard to wall units, frequently used items should be stored at low shelves that are easily reachable. Less frequently used items can be housed on top shelves. If shelving space is limited, stackable crates can be used.

Providing laundry containers in the room can help foster the habit of properly taking care of dirty clothes after undressing. A shoebox can serve as a container to store artwork. The parent can help the child sort through this at regular intervals to prevent an over-accumulation of such items.

Creativity can be employed in organizing bedrooms for kids so that a suitable place is available for every item. Barrettes can be attached to hanging ribbons, and baseball caps can be stored in tie racks. The extra effort involved in organizing can help create a calm, orderly environment for the child.


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Kids rooms can be one hot mess! One of the best tips I ever learned for helping your child stay organized in his bedroom was to take a photograph of his room after it had been cleaned up and then blow it up into a poster and frame it on the wall.

Whenever the child (this works well with younger children or children who have difficulty with organization) needed to be reminded of where things go, all he has to do is look at his poster to see where to place everything.

What an amazing idea. I don't know who came up with it, but I loved it and used it with two of my kids who were organizationally challenged.

P.S. They were the most creative kids but not keen on cleaning or organizing.

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