What are the Best Ways to get Rid of Fat on Thighs?

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Fat on thighs bothers women all over the world. Estrogen and genetics are often the culprits of the excess storage of fat in the area. In the U.S., the multi-million dollar diet industry has flourished thanks to such cellulite-producing phenomena. The good news for those that are concerned about this is that the right cardiovascular exercises — such as walking and swimming, coupled with toning exercises, like squats and lunges — can help keep these fat cells at bay.

Exercise, like swimming laps or taking brisk walks, allows oxygen in the body to freely flow to large muscles in the legs. To combat fat on thighs, the beginning of any daily exercise routine should include at least 30 minutes of swimming or vigorous walking. This stimulates the metabolism and aid in fat reduction.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is the key to flushing out toxins released by the muscles during exercise. Well-balanced diets that are rich in protein, fruits, and vegetables are also good. Fatty and fried foods should be avoided during such a program.

Concentrating solely on the thigh area during exercise can lead to frustration and little success in attaining the desired results. The thighs are part of a larger muscle group that works in concert with the hamstrings, groin muscles, quadriceps, and hip flexors. Incorporating all of these muscles in exercise routines should lead to toned, shapely legs and a reduction in fat on thighs.


A gym membership general provides access to exercise machines that can aid in working thigh and leg muscles, but it is not always necessary. There are many toning exercises that can be done just about anywhere. Squats and lunges are among the most popular of these movements.

Squatting exercises are easy to do with a little practice. To do one, stand with feet at shoulder's width apart and slowly bend at the knees. Keeping the back straight, the exerciser moves down, into a sitting position, as far as he or she can without lifting the heels off the floor. This position is held for a few seconds and then he or she slowly returns to a standing position. These squatting exercises can be done in four sets of ten.

Lunges are also a popular exercise for transforming fat on thighs into shapely muscle. This movement targets multiple muscles, including the hamstrings, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus. It can be performed by standing with one foot in front of the other, about three feet apart. The exerciser bends the knees, while lowering the knee of the back leg to the floor. The knee of the front leg should be directly above the front foot, with the heel flat on the ground.

To return to the starting position, he or she pushes up with the heel of the front foot. It is important to keep the back straight while performing a lunge. Just like squats, these moves can be done in four sets of ten. Incorporating these exercises into a daily fitness routine can help reduce the amount of fat on thighs, and increase self-confidence and self-esteem.


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Post 3

@croydon - People should just try to accept their bodies for the way they are. Plastic surgery almost always seems to end in a person looking worse.

I think people should try to stay fit, but not worry so much about what they look like.

Fat on the thighs is a normal thing. If we all looked the same, or like Barbie dolls the world would be a much less interesting place.

Post 2

@MrsPramm - Well, there is a way to pick and choose, but it involves surgery. I'm not a big fan of liposuction in general, but it's worth noting that fat cells don't go away. They just inflate and deflate depending on how much fat is in them. So if you want to permanently reduce fat on your thighs, the only real way to do that is to get liposuction as it actually removes the cells.

I've heard that it can make you put on more weight in other places though, as the fat still has to go somewhere if you eat it. So a perfectly planned body might backfire on you.

Post 1

Just remember that there is no such thing as an exercise that will target the fat on your thighs. You can strengthen and tone that area with targeted exercise, but getting rid of fat in different places is a matter of genetics. Your body determines where and when it will come off and there's no use hoping that you'll be able to pick and choose.

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