What are the Best Ways to Fall Asleep?

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The average American has around 60 "bad days" a year; lack of sleep is the biggest contributing factor.  more...

October 20 ,  1973 :  The "Saturday Night Massacre"  more...

The best ways to fall asleep include practicing good sleep hygiene, learning relaxation techniques, and establishing bedtime routines. Many people have a difficult time falling asleep. Daytime stress, worries, and medical issues can be causes. Learning some ways to fall asleep can be helpful in many instances.

Good sleep hygiene includes many elements. Some of the best sleep hygiene practices to aid in ways to fall asleep include a regular schedule for going to bed and getting up and getting a full night’s rest as often as possible. It also means not using medications to aid in sleep if at all possible.

Learning to relax is imperative to falling asleep. While there are relaxation techniques that can be incorporated at bedtime, consider adding relaxation activities throughout the day. Relaxation techniques to consider include yoga, self-hypnosis, and visualization techniques.

One of the best ways to fall asleep is to establish a bedtime routine. This routine might begin with a warm bath. A warm bath is relaxing and will signal to the mind that it is now bedtime and time to unwind. The bedtime routine should be the same each evening and should begin at the same time. Elements of the bedtime routine to consider might be a warm drink, reading for a little while, and bedtime personal care such as face washing, brushing teeth, and combing hair.


Part of the bedtime routine might be writing in a journal for a few minutes each evening. Writing out feelings and thoughts about the day may help some people to unwind. For those who have trouble falling asleep because of worries, it is sometimes helpful to just make a list of the concerns and agree to leave them there until waking.

As part of the ways to fall asleep, consider the bedroom and sleeping attire. The bedroom should be comfortable, dark, and neither too warm nor too cold. Sleeping and sex should be the only activities allowed in the bedroom. Do not use the bedroom for an office, for eating, or for watching TV. Clothing for sleeping should be loose and comfortable.

Lifestyle habits also play a role in the ability to fall asleep. Eat a healthy diet throughout the day, but avoid large meals close to bedtime. Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol can impair the body’s ability to fall asleep. While exercise earlier in the day can aid in falling asleep, avoid workouts within three hours of bedtime. Avoid taking naps during the day or limit naps to no more than 15 minutes.


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