What Are the Best Washing Machine Disposal Tips?

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The idea of conserving our planet's natural resources and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases is becoming increasingly popular. Proper disposal and recycling of appliances and electronics is one of the ways to help conserve energy, reduce the amount of trash in landfills, and lower emissions of greenhouse gasses. When considering washing machine disposal, the best tips include taking the appliance to a scrap yard, giving it to a used appliance dealer, or donating it to a local charity.

Washing machines, as well as other types of appliances, take up large amounts of room in landfills. Scrap dealers pay money for used appliances and other scrap metals. The scrap is then melted down and reused. This not only conserves our resources but also saves energy that would otherwise be used to mine the raw materials. Using a scrap yard for washing machine disposal is not only good for the environment, but can even provide a little money.

Another option for washing machine disposal is to take the old appliance to a used appliance dealer. Used appliance dealers can sometimes fix broken washing machines and resell them to their customers. If the appliance is beyond repair, they will disassemble it, sell off the usable parts, and scrap the rest.


If the old appliance is still in working condition, a local charity may accept it as a donation. Charities may refurbish the appliance for resale or simply find a needy family that could not otherwise afford a new one. Most of the time the donation can be written off on income taxes, which makes this a great method of washing machine disposal.

Another tip for washing machine disposal is to have an appliance dealer remove the old machine. In the past, dealers would often deliver the new appliance and simply leave the old one for the customer to deal with. More recetnly, dealers have realized there is money to make by hauling off the old appliances and selling them for scrap. In addition to being profitable, it also provides a valuable service to customers.

Another idea for disposal is to try handing down the old appliance to a friend or family member that might be in need of one. This form of washing machine disposal will keep the appliance out of a landfill while also helping someone in need. Depending on the method chosen, proper washing machine disposal can be a chance to not only help the needy, but to also contribute to saving our planet's resources, and perhaps generate a little money as well.


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