What are the Best Tips to Tone Inner Thighs?

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Unfortunately, the inner thighs are a common trouble spot for many people; fat tends to settle on the inner thighs, and it can be difficult to lose weight from that area. In order to tone inner thighs, you will need a combination diet and exercise plan. Cut back on fatty, sugary foods, replacing them with lean protein sources and vegetables, and incorporate aerobic and strength training activity into your life in order to tone your inner thighs.

Aerobic activity is a great first step to tone inner thighs, because it will help you to lose the extra fat on the thighs, as well as over the entire body. Of course, consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise program, to be sure it is physically safe for you to do so. Then, a moderate to high intensity aerobic workout three to five times a week for at least 30 minutes per workout can quickly help you to get toned thighs. Consider exercises that really target the legs; for example, jogging and cycling are both excellent aerobic choices to tone up your inner thighs, as well as workouts on an elliptical machine or stair stepper at the gym.


Next, floor exercises can be a great way to strengthen the muscles of the legs and to tone inner thighs. Inner and outer leg lifts, for example, done from laying on your side on the floor, are great ways to strengthen the muscles. Search online for instructional videos to perform these leg lifts. In addition, laying on your back and performing scissor kicks or leg lifts can also help to tone the thighs.

Standing exercises, particularly squats and lunges, are also excellent ways to tone inner thighs. When performing squats and lunges, be sure to keep the knee in line with the ankle, and never extend the knee over the foot; this is an easy way to cause injury to the knee. Some people find that doing exercises such as yoga or Pilates also helps them to target often unused muscles, such as those in the core and the inner thighs.

A varied workout is the best way to tone inner thighs. Incorporate various aerobic activities and strength training together; one might also choose to mix up the program with jumping jacks or jump rope, for example, or to use machines at the gym designed to target the inner thighs. As the muscles get stronger, increase the time spent exercising or the amount of repetitions done in order to keep from hitting a plateau in your workouts. In addition, take the stairs at work rather than the elevator for a little extra workout.


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