What are the Best Tips to Relieve Stress?

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There are many tips to relieve stress and not every tip will work for every person. Most people need to do some experimentation to find out what is most effective personally. However, having a list of things to choose from at least provides some options and a place to start.

Many people are stressed because their lives are overscheduled, and it’s a good idea to evaluate this piece to see if it may be part of the problem. Questions to ask could be if and how much free time is available to a person on a regular basis. If the answer is there is no or very little free time, look at a schedule and try to find a way to eliminate something that is being done each week to relieve stress.

Consider cutting back on overtime hours if possible, dropping a volunteer job, limiting children’s extracurricular activities, or something along these lines. If it’s impossible to eliminate something, the other thing people might consider is asking for help. Could another parent drop off and pick up kids at an extracurricular activity, or might it possible for a friend or family member to aid in the care of ailing parent, for instance?


When overscheduling isn’t the issue, there still exist many things to do to relieve stress. One method often advocated is getting exercise, which could be meditative, like yoga or tai chi, or strenuous such as quick walking, jogging, or swimming. Virtually any type of exercise when regularly practiced is shown to relieve stress because it helps to produce neurotransmitters that increase mood stability. For people with time available, having a cardiovascular form of exercise and a meditative form can provide dual benefits. Meditation alone, or things like prayer are known stress relievers for those with only a few minutes a day to devote to stress relief.

Often times stress is relieved when people play or pursue their hobbies. Unfortunately, adults may think that play ended with childhood and may just not view recreation as important. Actually, it can be very important and having something in life that is enjoyable to do may provide needed stress relief. Play can be defined as a hobby or activity that derives pleasure and there are many of these. People should be encouraged to find something they love to do in order to add pleasure to their lives.

Some people find that they relieve stress by writing or talking about it. Writing is solitary though, and quite a few people can find the writing process more stressful than helpful. Talking to a supportive friend may be a good substitute, and if stress is very high, having a counselor or therapist to discuss things with may ideal. Biochemical and/or previous experiences in life may create inordinate and disproportionate levels of stress in some individuals, and treatment with a counselor and possibly a psychiatrist to prescribe anxiety medications may be needed in certain circumstances.


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Post 4

Bhutan- I never thought about that. You make a good point. I also think that volunteering at a charity automatically relieves stress because you have to focus on the charity and not your problem.

Working with a charity also helps to remember how trivial your problems seem in comparison to the recipients of the charity.

For example, I did a lot of work with the Make a Wish Foundation, and there are not many things that could compare to a children suffering from a terminal illness.

Everything pales in comparison. It is always important to remember not to “Sweat the small stuff” and take a big picture approach.

I always do this by asking myself, how this will affect me six months from now, if there is no effect than the thing that I was worried about was

not important after all.

Post 3

Cafe41-I agree that talking to someone usually helps. Also, you can relieve stress by picking up an enjoyable hobby. Painting or drawing for example requires significant amounts of concentration.

It is this concentration that relieves stress naturally because you are forced to shift your mindset from what is stressing you out to the painting or drawing activity.

This is also the reason why Yoga or Tai Chi is so effective because you have to concentrate on each move. It does not allow you to concentrate on anything else.

Another thing you can do to relieve emotional stress, is to think about the worse case scenario. What would actually happen if what you feared came true?

Sometimes facing the fear or what makes us anxious allows us to put things in perspective and let us realize that maybe our fears are unfounded.

Post 2

Sunny27- I totally agree. I always feel better after a run.

Other natural stress relievers involve laughter. Laugher is actually good for you and automatically relieves stress anxiety.

Watching a funny show on television, or going to see a stand up comic also offers incredible stress relief.

It is very difficult to maintain stress and anxious when you are laughing. Sometimes just smiling also brings about positive feelings.

It also important to talk to a trusted friend and discuss what is causing your anxiety. Sometimes when you are experiencing a problem that is causing you stress, you think that you are the only one with the problem.

When talking to someone you often face the problem and may even find a solution. Joining a support group also helps you to understand that you are not alone. This is important when we experience stress because chronic stress that is not is ignored can lead to serious health problems.

Post 1

There are many ways to relieve stress and anxiety. One of the best ways is to engage in strenuous exercise like running, jogging, or walking fast.

When you exercise at a higher intensity level you tend to reach that “Runner’s high” that everyone talks about. It is a euphoric feeling that makes you feel instantly relaxed and happy.

Many times you temporarily forget what was distressing you in the first place. This not only will help relieve stress, but it will help you think clearer.

Exercise helps to relieve stress. It is best to exercise everyday for maximum stress control. Other forms of exercise that also relieve stress tension are Yoga and Tai Chi.

Theses exercises force you to concentrate on yourself with deliberate controlled movements. These exercises relieve pressure points and are great ways to relieve stress.

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