What Are the Best Tips to Learn Farsi?

Jami Yontz

The best tips to learn Farsi, a language spoken mostly in Middle Eastern countries, are practicing with a native Farsi speaker, practicing the written script every day, taking classes, and studying in a country where Farsi is the prominent spoken and written language. Some people also recommend that students learn Farsi by working independently or supplementing other studies by watching online videos, listening to podcasts, and studying textbooks that help the person understand the basics of the language. Learning a new language can be difficult, and it takes dedication and practice to become fluent in speaking, reading, and writing in Farsi.

Farsi is the official language of Iran.
Farsi is the official language of Iran.

Farsi, also known as Persian, is spoken by more than 46 million people, and it is the official language of Iran. Large populations in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan speak the language as well. Farsi is written from right to left, and the language can be written in either the Perso-Arabic script or Cyrillic alphabet, also known as the Tajik alphabet. Most of the vowels are omitted from the written language or the vowels are only represented by dots or lines stressing the sounds of certain consonants, and numbers are written from left to right.

Farsi is spoken by more than 46 million people.
Farsi is spoken by more than 46 million people.

To learn Farsi, one must first memorized how to write, read, and speak each letter in the Persian alphabet. He or she can do this by self-study, and many people find that daily practice and the use of flashcards are helpful when memorizing the basics of the alphabet. Watching online videos or listening to podcasts can help a student practice identifying the sounds by ear and pronouncing the sounds of each letter.

Another great tip to learn Farsi is to take an online class or a class at a local university. Online classes will provide guided assignments and study materials for people starting to learn a new language. Students should make sure that the teacher is available for individual help and that the professor has a library of audio sessions available for the student. Local classes can help those that have trouble studying at home, and a teacher fluent in Farsi can help to speed up the student’s process of pronouncing the correct sounds. The interaction with students and having classmates to practice dialogue with will also be beneficial for those wishing to become fluent in speaking Persian.

Studying abroad in a country where Farsi is widely used is one of the best ways to learn Farsi. Students immerse themselves in the language and are required to learn to ask questions, get directions, and read information very quickly in order to live in the city in which they are studying. The culture and history of the language are also easily attained during this experience, which can help a person learn more about the language and dialect.

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