What Are the Best Tips for Writing HTML?

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Hypertext markup language (HTML) is often used to create Internet websites, and the best tips for writing HTML often depend upon the needs of the person using it. When it comes to the actual creation of a website, certain stylistic considerations should be kept in mind, such as the use of links within the text of a line rather than as a separate entity. Website developers should also consider using cascading style sheets (CSS) and widgets to make websites more visually interesting and interactive. Someone who is writing HTML should also properly use keywords within the code and the body of a site to ensure accuracy and site hits from search engines.

Writing HTML involves the use of programming syntax and scripting methods that are not necessarily complicated, but can be made easier or more effective through the consideration of certain ideas. For example, the overall style of a webpage should be thought-out as someone is creating it. This means that the use of colors, borders, images, and other components of a site should work together aesthetically and create an overall site that is pleasant to use and easy to navigate. When writing HTML, for example, someone should imbed links into the text of a sentence, rather than only having links as separate objects, as this makes navigation easier for visitors to a site.


Someone writing HTML should also consider using features and options outside of standard, baseline HTML creation to make more interesting sites. The use of CSS or "cascading style sheets," for example, can allow someone to more easily and effectively create certain styles and visual looks for a site than trying to replicate the same effects through basic HTML. There are also a number of “widgets” that can be used by someone writing HTML, which can be imbedded into the base code for a site. These widgets provide a variety of interactive features and updatable components of a site, such as a calendar on a page or a window that updates each day with an automatic message.

Writing HTML in an effective way should also make websites easier to find by users through search engines. This can be done in a number of different ways, though proper use of site titles and keywords can be instrumental to this. Someone writing HTML should be sure to include keywords for a website that are accurate and specific for the site. Inaccurate keywords that do not match the body of a site can cause search engines to ignore those pages, while specific keywords can allow search engine users to more easily find exactly those sites for which they are looking.


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