What Are the Best Tips for Wearing Makeup?

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Makeup should be worn to enhance a woman's natural appearance or conceal flaws and imperfections. Wearing makeup in bright and bold colors may not be a flattering look for everyone, therefore makeup should be applied with skill and not overly done. Young girls beginning to wear make up should not need anything more than lipstick and a basic foundation. An important rule for anyone wearing makeup is to choose shades that complement natural skin tones.

Some cosmetics include harsh ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin. For this reason it's a good idea to choose products that contain gentle or natural ingredients. Cosmetics that have been dermatologist tested are often the best. In addition, natural, organic makeup can be a good choice.

Alternately, those who have the patience and inclination may wish to make their own homemade makeup. Simple ingredients such as petroleum jelly and raspberry gelatin can be used for making eyeshadow. A colorful lip gloss can also be made with petroleum jelly and any red colored gelatin. For a basic foundation, organic baby powder can be used, but only on those with fair skin.

Anyone wearing makeup should choose shades that complement their natural skin tones. This may be difficult when buying a packaged product, but there is a simple solution. Many cosmetics counters have cosmetics to sample before buying, and this is a good option.


Those with facial flaws will find that wearing the right concealer can hide those imperfections. It is important, however, to choose a concealer that glides on smoothly, without feeling or looking chalky. A concealer should not have an unnatural yellow or bluish tint. Instead, the concealer should closely match the individual's own skin tones.

Choosing a wand concealer allows the user to control the depth of color. Concealers in pots tend to apply heavier and appear darker. For less coverage, a pencil-type concealer is a good choice.

Most every woman wants long, full eyelashes, but choosing the best mascara and knowing how to apply it can be a challenge. A mistake many women make is applying several coats of mascara at once, causing clumps and smudges. Allowing the first coat of mascara to dry before applying another works best. Another tip to remember is that cotton swabs work well to remove mistakes and smudges.

One simple rule to remember is never to apply makeup to an unclean face. Traces of dirt and oil will make skin look uneven when wearing makeup. It's best not to use soap for facial cleansing, as it can dry the skin. If skin is dry, wearing makeup with a moisturizer can work wonders.


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Post 3

@pleonasm - I've found that I enjoy wearing makeup a lot more since I've been trying out different tutorials online to try different looks. I never realized how much there was to the stuff, as I didn't really get taught how to use it by anyone when I was a teenager, and settled into a routine where I just did the same thing every day.

I try not to wear it every single day, but I'm in a job where they definitely prefer it if you are wearing makeup so I wear it every weekday.

Post 2

@clintflint - I hardly ever wear makeup, but I absolutely don't judge anyone who wants to. It's basically just fashion for your face. I do feel a little bit bad about some people I know who feel like they can't go outside without "putting on their face" but it's not the makeup that I dislike in that case. It's that they think they will be judged without it and that makes me sad. But then, people get judged for wearing it, or not wearing it so you might as well just do whatever makes you confident and happy.

Post 1

If you are going for a natural look, then less is definitely going to be more. If you're hoping no one will even realize you're wearing makeup that is also going to be true.

But I think one tip for wearing makeup is that if you want to go with bright colors then go ahead. If you make it obvious that you want people to see you have makeup on then I don't think anyone will judge you for how much you're wearing.

I am going for a different look if I'm just wearing some lip gloss and mascara, as opposed to bright red lipstick and blush. And both looks are valid.

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