What Are the Best Tips for Vegetarian Dating?

Jessica Ellis

With vegetarianism becoming a popular trend in the 21st century, vegetarian dating has become an important concern on the singles scene. For both veggies and meat-eaters alike, finding fun dates that do not compromise eating habits can take some consideration. To simplify vegetarian dating for those who prefer only to date non-meat eaters, consider using veggie dating websites or visiting vegetarian friendly spots for potential partners. For the vegetarian who finds him or herself in a relationship with an omnivore, there are still dozens of fun options to make vegetarian dating enjoyable for all.

Vegetarian couples might find it more enjoyable to cook a meal together than eat out.
Vegetarian couples might find it more enjoyable to cook a meal together than eat out.

For many different reasons, some vegetarians prefer only to date others with the same food preferences. One great way to meet like-minded eaters is by using a vegetarian dating website. Run like regular online dating sites, these lifestyle-specific choices allow users to contact others who share their feelings about health, animal ethics, or dietary concerns. While a shared diet may not lead to eternal bliss, finding other vegetarians through a dating website can help get a relationship off on the right foot, since worries about dietary prejudice will not be an issue.

A picnic could be a fun vegetarian date.
A picnic could be a fun vegetarian date.

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Another good opportunity for veggie-only daters is to make the rounds at social functions that cater to non-meat eaters. Vegan restaurants, veggie-centric bars, health festivals, and vegetarian cooking classes are all excellent places to find a potential date. For those already in a relationship, these places may be a great resource for fun dates together.

Vegetarian dating can be difficult for couples in which one person eats meat and the other does not. Some meat-eaters may be hesitant to suggest any food-related dates at all, while vegetarians may feel pressured into eating at restaurants where choices are limited and cross-contamination a concern. Nevertheless, fun food dating is possible for couples, as long as both are tolerant and willing to be creative. Consider visiting a farmer's market and cooking a meal together instead of eating out, or stopping at a meat-eater's favorite steakhouse for drinks instead of dinner. It may also help to remember the golden rule of vegetarian dating: just about everyone likes dessert.

Lots of vegetarian dating options can leave the food battleground entirely off the menu. Hiking together, going to a museum or sporting event, or having a relaxing day at the beach can all be managed without worrying about food lifestyle differences. Visiting an amusement parks, enjoying a movie night, and even watching the stars come out can all be romantic dates without many food worries.

Possibly the most important tip for vegetarian dating is mutual respect and cooperation. Attacking a person for his or her dietary views will almost surely lead to strife and frustration. If the meat eater is willing to pack a toothbrush or the vegetarian is willing to try a burger joint that offers a veggie option, dates may become more fun for both partners.

A visit to a local farmer's market that is followed up by a meal cooked from scratch might work with some vegetarian couples.
A visit to a local farmer's market that is followed up by a meal cooked from scratch might work with some vegetarian couples.

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This is an excellent article; people haven't always been thrilled when I ask them to brush their teeth before post-meal kissing, so it's nice to see it mentioned here.

I really strive to be non-judgmental yet dislike saying I'm vegetarian at times because some people react with excessive praise and then later just act annoyed once the adulation (?) wears off. I guess it can screen people out but I wish people would just take it in stride; it's not about them, it's about my choice for my life. Nice alternatives in this article. Thanks!

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