What Are the Best Tips for Using Tweezers for Hair Removal?

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Using tweezers for hair removal is a rather simple and inexpensive way to remove individual hairs. Salon experts have a number of tips to make this process as easy and painless as possible. Choosing the right kind of tweezers, for example, is important. It is also important to clean the skin before tweezing, use plenty of light, and pluck hair correctly.

When using tweezers to remove hair, choosing the right pair of tweezers can make a big difference. Although inexpensive tweezers may suffice, many salon experts recommend buying high-quality tools. These usually have tiny ridges on the tips to help grip the hair better. As a general rule of thumb, slanted tips work best for ordinary tweezing jobs, like shaping eyebrows. Pointed tweezers, on the other hand, are good for fine and ingrown hairs.

Choosing a comfortable pair of tweezers may be another consideration for some individuals. Some pairs of tweezers come with wide handles for more precision. Rubber-coated handles may provide a better grip, preventing the fingers from slipping off.

Before using tweezers for hair removal, it is important to have clean skin. Washing the area with soap and warm water, as well as exfoliating, before hair removal can help prevent infection and ingrown hairs. Warm water also will soften the hairs and open the pores, which can make the hairs easier to remove. Tweezing after a hot shower is best, but applying a warm washcloth to the area for a few moments has the same effect.


Using tweezers safely is also important, especially when tweezing around the eyes. Lots of light and a magnified mirror will not only help a person see the individual hairs better, but also decrease the chances of accidentally poking her eye. Some tweezers even come packaged with a light and magnifier.

Although this method of hair removal often results in little pain, some individuals may want to numb the area a bit before starting. Carefully applying a topical numbing spray or gel is one option. Some experts also recommend putting a pair of tweezers in the freezer for a time before using them for home hair removal. The cold metal can help numb the skin a bit.

To correctly use tweezers for hair removal, a person should gently pull the skin tight first. Then, she can grab one or two hairs at a time and firmly and evenly pull them out in the direction that the hair grows. To make finer hairs more noticeable or when shaping brows, the hairs can be colored with a white eyeliner pencil.

Red, irritated skin can be soothed after using tweezers for hair removal by applying aloe vera gel. Ice may also help relieve the pain, redness, and swelling in the area. To keep the tweezers clean and prevent infection, tweezers should be wiped with alcohol before storage.


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Post 3

I generally don't use tweezers for hair removal. I use other hair removal products like creams or hair removal wax.

I was gifted a great set recently though that has some very nice tweezers. One of the tweezers is made especially for ingrown hairs. It has a sharp end that can reach slight into skin to pull out ingrown hair. I've used it a few times and it works great. I think it's going to come in handy because I get ingrown hairs a lot.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- Try the numbing gel, it will help. Also, you should be tweezing after a hot shower because hot water softens hair. This helps hair come out more easily and less painfully. This is what I always do.

I don't use numbing gel, but I do apply ice after I tweeze to reduce redness and any aching. It works well. I also make sure that I have good lighting and a close-up mirror before I use tweezers on my eyebrows. It's very easy to grab skin instead of hairs with a tweezer. I've done it a few times and it was very painful.

Post 1

I think that tweezing is the best hair removal method for eyebrows. It's easier to shape eyebrows with tweezers because it's more precise. But it's very painful! I think I need to get some numbing gel.

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