What Are the Best Tips for Using Neutral Eyeshadow?

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Neutral eyeshadow is a versatile option that can be adjusted to suit a huge variety of styles and occasions. When choosing a neutral eyeshadow, it is useful to select a palette of a few colors so the look has some depth and interest despite having a natural look. It is also important to select shades that are flattering to unique skin tones, because a shade that is “nude” on one person may be far too dark or light to be considered “nude” on another person. One of the best tips for using neutral eyesdahow is to explore the versatility of neutral eyeshadow by using products with various finishes, such as matte, shimmer, or glitter.

While it is certainly possible to select an individual pan of a single neutral eyeshadow shade, it is generally a good idea to instead select a palette of a few different colors. This is helpful because one may find that the intended color is not as flattering as the lighter or darker shades in the palette and still have other shadows to use and also because blending a few neutral shades together can create a more interesting, flattering look than using one shade by itself. Ideally, individuals purchasing eyeshadows will be able to test samples on their own skin to select complementary shades, but if this is not possible, having a palette becomes all the more useful.


Neutral eyeshadow palettes will usually come with, at the very least, a lid shade, a crease shade, and a highlight shade. The highlight shade will be the lightest, usually a white or cream color, the lid shade will be the middle tone, and the crease shade will be the darkest. To achieve the most becoming look, the highlight shade should be applied above the crease in the area just below the eyebrow, as well as at the v-shaped inner corner of the eye. The medium-toned lid color should be applied over the entire lid and barely into the crease, and the darkest shade should be lightly blended into the crease to add dimension. All three colors can be gently blended together with a clean makeup brush so that the colors seem to fade into each other instead of looking like three distinct lines.

It is important to remember that neutral eyeshadow shades can range from very pale whites to deep, rich browns or even blacks, and may include peach or beige tones as well. Different textures are also available to mix up the style even if the colors being used are natural and subtle. For example, it is certainly possible to create a completely matte shadow look, but to add subtle variety, a shimmer or glitter shade can be mixed in. Adding shimmer, glitter, or metallic neutrals is also a great way to dress up a neutral eye and help transition the look from office appropriate and subtle to glowing and shimmery for a night out.


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