What Are the Best Tips for Trimming a Beard?

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Many men choose to grow beards in a variety of lengths and styles. Depending on the look desired, there are a variety of tips that a man can use to properly and effectively trim his beard. Proper trimming and sculpting the beard, however, can make the difference in having facial hair that plays up facial features, rather than disguising them and taking over the face. Trimming a beard will require the man to be mindful of his face shape and to make sure to follow pre- and post-hair removal care.

Before beginning the beard trimming process, it is important to have some sort of outline. If the hair is trimmed too high up the neck, then the hairline will not balance out the facial features. Hair that is let to grow and fester, however, will end up growing into the chest area. It is best to err on the side of caution and start trimming the hair right above the Adam's apple.

Selecting a beard style that is suitable for the man's face shape is essential. Faces that tend to be a bit elongated will benefit from a beard that is slightly thicker on the sides with thicker sideburns. Round faces with beard growth that is a bit longer on the chin area can help to streamline the face. Trimming a beard to something a bit more natural and less drastic will benefit those with relatively small face shapes.


Once the style of the beard is chosen, trimming will be an easier process. The best tip is to start by brushing the whiskers with a beard comb, making sure to focus on areas with dense growth. Cutting off excess growth with a pair of scissors will help the beard trimmer slice through the hair easier.

Washing the face with a gentle face wash and making sure that the cleanser does not have granules or chemicals that can irritate the skin will help the beard trimming process to go smoother. This will help to remove any residue from the hair, as well as help to get rid of dead skin cells. With a beard trimmer that has the appropriate length guard on it, trim along the grain of the beard. The hairs lifted by the beard brush can be easily cut.

If trimming a beard without a beard trimmer, then utilizing the beard comb with a commercial hair trimmer will do the job. Place the beard comb in the hair, and using the comb as a guard, trim the hairs that pop through with the hair trimmer. After trimming a beard, however, the skin will be open to bacteria. Apply a protective emollient onto the beard and skin as a finishing step.


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