What are the Best Tips for Treadmill Walking?

B. Miller

Treadmill walking is a great way to lose weight and get in shape, while staying inside and safe from traffic and the weather. In addition, it is not necessary to purchase an expensive treadmill if it will only be used for walking; budget or mid-priced treadmills are just as effective as expensive treadmills for walking. The best tip for treadmill walking to remember is that it is necessary to push oneself, as well as to vary the incline and speed as much as possible to make the action most similar to walking outside on uneven terrain.

Those walking on treadmills should avoid loose shoe strings or baggy clothing that could get caught in the machine.
Those walking on treadmills should avoid loose shoe strings or baggy clothing that could get caught in the machine.

Treadmill walking, like any aerobic exercise, requires the purchase of supportive sneakers. Walking sneakers especially should have a sturdy heel and relatively flexible midsole, as well as enough room in the toebox so that the toes are not compressed; however, the feet should not slide around in the shoes, and the toes should not strike the front of the shoes while walking. Supportive sneakers with good traction will ensure safety on the treadmill.

Another one of the best tips for treadmill walking is to be sure to warm up first. Start slowly on the treadmill, with a slow pace to get the blood moving and loosen the muscles. Gradually increase the pace until a brisk walk is attained. Some treadmills allow users to set pre-determined programs that will automatically vary the pace throughout the walk; in addition, it is important to adjust the incline if possible.

An increased incline makes the treadmill walking more challenging, and encourages the use of different muscles. In addition, it allows the body to respond in a similar way as if one was walking outside, which helps to engage different muscle groups and increase the heart rate. Increasing the heart rate helps one to increase cardiovascular endurance as well as to burn more calories.

It is important to stay safe during treadmill walking; the treadmill should feature an emergency stop button or pull cord, or should shut off automatically if it senses that the user has fallen. Do not increase the pace too quickly, making it impossible to keep up; in addition, be sure to check heart rate if that is a concern. Some treadmills have heart-rate monitors built right in, and it is only necessary to grab the hand rails to get an accurate measure of the heart rate. After one is finished walking on the treadmill, complete the workout with some gentle stretches to prevent muscle tightness.

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My best tip is to make sure that you use different programs on the treadmill. Don't just stick to the same one every time.

They might not seem to be all that different, but the inclines and the different rates can really make a difference to the way your muscles have to work. The more variety, the better, and a treadmill doesn't have a lot of variety to offer, so it's best to take advantage of what it does have.


@KoiwiGal - I'd recommend the same sort of approach for shoes. Treadmill walking workouts can be very hard on the knees if you don't have a good pair of shoes.

Pay close attention to the way you're placing your feet as well. I noticed that my ankles were getting sore after using the treadmill at the gym and it was because I was twisting them in a funny way to try and keep up with the belt.


One of the tips I think is most important is to make sure you get a good treadmill in the first place. I think you're better off getting a decent second hand treadmill than looking for a cheap new one, particularly if you are heavier than average.

A cheap treadmill can be very shaky and make a lot of noise. It will also probably breakdown fairly quickly.

The first treadmill I bought was one that I found for a really cheap price and it was so horrible I couldn't bear to use it. I was convinced it was going to collapse and injure me. There's no point in saving money if you never use the thing after you've got it.

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