What Are the Best Tips for Throwing a Casino-Themed Party?

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A casino-themed party works for a birthday celebration or as a stand-alone party. Games are an important part of a casino party, as are food and atmosphere. When throwing a casino-themed party, the host may wish to hire professional dealers and rent table games from a party company. She should make sure the tables come with all the necessary accessories. Hiring cocktail servers to serve drinks and appetizers can also make a party feel as if it is taking place in an actual casino.

The games make a casino-themed party. The host should set up several card tables for each game. If the budget for the party is high enough, he may wish to hire a dealer or croupier to take charge of each game. Professional dealers will make the casino-themed party more fun for all involved and will take pressure off of the host.

Renting game tables such as a craps table or a roulette wheel will make the casino party feel even more authentic. When a host decides to rent tables and hire dealers, she should always make sure the needed accessories, from chips to cards, are included. If they are not, she will need to find a way to supply the accessories.


Food helps set the atmosphere of a casino-themed party. If the host is going for a high-end casino theme, he may wish to serve fancy appetizers, such as bruschetta or crab artichoke dip. More casual appetizers include mozzarella sticks or buffalo wings.

Classic cocktails are appropriate during a casino-themed party, especially if the party is meant to imitate fancy Las Vegas casinos. A host may want to serve martinis and cosmopolitans. To make things easier, she should choose one or two cocktails to offer during the party. A cocktail server can walk around the party, taking orders and serving the beverages.

The host can decorate for the party by trying to make the space look like an actual casino. She can hang lights, such as strings of Christmas lights, around the room and dim the overhead lights to add to the atmosphere. A disco ball or other colorful lighting will look nice as well. If the party is more casual, she can decorate by hanging casino-themed objects, such as pictures of dice and cards, on the wall. During the party, the host can play music such as jazz or lounge music to further set the scene.


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Post 3

@KoiwiGal - To be honest, I don't think the host should have to stress over this issue too much. Yes, if you know someone has a gambling addiction and they know you know, you probably shouldn't be holding a party celebrating that addiction in the first place.

But, I mean, alcoholics get invited to cocktail parties all the time. They can either choose not to go, or go but choose to drink something else. In reality it's a situation they will have to face at some point.

With that in mind, however, I think it is just polite and good hosting to provide activities for people who, for whatever reason, don't want to gamble, even in fun.

Post 2

@irontoenail - You might also want to consider having different levels of play. Like, maybe a beginner's table which plays for candy, and a higher stakes table which plays for drinks, and so forth.

Personally, I think at a fun party you wouldn't want to play for money, because someone is always going to get carried away, and there are others who might take advantage.

You should also know your guests. Gambling can be an addiction, and you should be sensitive to the fact that some of them might have suffered from this addiction.

A party where people are playing gambling "games" might end up being a gateway back to addiction.

Post 1

One thing you will definitely want to ensure is that everyone knows how to play the games, so no one feels left out. If you hire professional dealers, you should be able to get them to take a couple of brief beginner sessions or classes.

Or you might want to provide learner booklets with your invitations.

If you want to decrease costs, you can try getting the booklets from a real casino. They might not appreciate you taking dozens of the little booklets, but they always seem to have them lying around, so why not grab a handful?

If nothing else you can leave them lying around your own party, so people who have never seen a poker game in their lives will have a resource available.

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