What are the Best Tips for Thermostat Replacement?

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The purpose of a thermostat is to keep a room or home at a temperature decided upon by the occupants. A replacement thermostat is necessary when the old one ceases to work correctly because a faulty thermostat can waste a significant amount of energy. For thermostat replacement, begin by removing the old thermostat by turning off the power and taking out the screws, wires, and finally the base. Bring the old thermostat to the shop when buying its replacement; a programmable version is preferable. Install the new thermostat by inserting the wires through the base before tightening the screws and replacing the battery.

When a thermostat becomes faulty. it must be replaced immediately. This is because a thermostat that works incorrectly can cause massive variations in temperature which may lead to wasted energy. This in turn inevitably leads to a higher utility bill. Once the problem is discovered, attend to the thermostat replacement promptly. This is a relatively easy job that usually does not require professional assistance.

To remove the old thermostat, switch off the main power source to the cooling or heating system. Certain thermostats have a cover plate that also must be removed. The body of the thermostat can be taken off the wall by removing the screws. Be sure to write down and label the location of each wire before disassembly.


When purchasing a thermostat replacement, bring the old thermostat or at least write down all pertinent information relating to it. This should ensure that the new purchase works correctly with the house’s heating or cooling system. Remember, a thermostat with low voltage will be in control of a home’s entire cooling or heating system. The transformer that it operates off will reduce current by up to 80%.

A thermostat replacement should be programmable even if the old one was not. A thermostat that can be programmed uses at least 30% less energy than its non-programmed counterpart. This type of thermostat is also generally easy to use.

Once the thermostat replacement has been purchased, put its wires through its base and place it on the wall. Pay close attention to its instructions while ensuring the wires are connected to the screw terminals. Look for the low voltage transformer which should be found close to the air conditioning or heating unit.

Every wire should be tightly connected and closely inspected to make sure no damage was caused during installation. Place the batteries in the correct location. The thermostat replacement should be mounted to its base as a final step.


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