What Are the Best Tips for Teaching Kindergarten?

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One of the best tips for teaching kindergarten is to talk to other kindergarten teachers at the same school and get advice from them. Usually, students at a specific school come from similar backgrounds, and more experienced teachers can offer individualized tips for special problems. More general tips for teaching kindergarten usually involve creating a system in which the students can be expected to follow directions. One problem many kindergarten teachers have on a personal level is feeling run down, and developing techniques to improve patience may also be helpful. Every classroom is different, as is every teacher, and while some tips may be helpful in certain situations, they may fail entirely in others.

Kindergarten education is different in various areas, and the skills that kindergarteners are expected to learn differ as well. Most of the time, listening skills are essential at this level, and simply getting the students to pay attention is a big part of teaching kindergarten. Tips for establishing attention are often quite varied, but some of the best tips involve creating a regular system that students can expect. Often, familiarity with the method used to get attention makes it easier to get the students' attention, so any method can be successful when used frequently.


Organizational tips for teaching kindergarten are also common. Students at this age often create many works of art or use various toys and supplies, which can end up creating a mess if not stored properly. Teaching kindergarten students about organization and making cleaning a part of the class can be very helpful. Establishing labeled storage locations for all different tools and supplies cannot only keep the classroom clean, but can also help students learn valuable life skills.

One tip that many kindergarten teachers advocate is creating a system of involvement between younger and older students at a school. Working with other teachers can yield helpful programs in which older students learn by teaching younger students. It is also possible to create community involvement with kindergarteners by working with high school students on specific projects, like building play equipment or toys. By promoting collaboration, a techer can often build strong ties within a community and create lasting memories.

Many kindergarten teachers find their jobs extremely draining, although many people go into this profession with a love of children and seemingly endless patience. Finding ways to cope with the stress of teaching is an important teaching tip, and each person may cope differently. Taking time for one's self is an important part of teaching kindergarten, as this is usually not just a job but a lifelong career.


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The younger the student, the more flexible a teacher has to be. Kindergarteners, especially, are at widely variable levels of maturity. High school kids generally all understand and implement basic classroom rules because they are older. Five year olds, however, can be little adults, or little monsters, and a teacher has to be ready for all the variety children offer.

There may be days when none of the children can seem to focus on anything, and this may be the day to do art projects, even though that's not what was on the lesson plan. And there may be days when all the children seem to be able to hunker down and work all day, so a teacher needs to

be able to take advantage of that. Some children may need a lot of "mothering" and a teacher has to be ready to fill that role, as well.

Kindergarten is a fun age, but a teacher has to remember to just roll with whatever the day brings, to minimize frustration.

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