What are the Best Tips for Taking Pictures of my Kids?

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Since school photos and portrait studios often capture a very staged image of their subjects, many parents are now taking pictures of their children themselves, using digital photography. Advances in technology have made photography much more efficient and cost-effective over the last decade, and sparked a new wave of interest in do-it-yourself portraiture.

One of the most important things to consider when taking pictures of your kids is the setting of the photo. Try to select a location that is both well-lit and well-known to you and your children. You’ll have an easier time taking pictures of your kids in a location they’re comfortable with, such as their backyard or favorite playground. Years from now, when both you and your children look back on these photos, they’ll carry a greater sentimental value if the setting evokes familiar and fond memories.


Another great opportunity afforded by the age of digital photography is the ability to experiment with taking pictures from artistic angles. For example, rather than taking a straight-on shot of your child sitting in a tree, try taking pictures while lying on the grass and looking up – to capture the sky, tree branches, and your child’s smiling face. Another artistic and easy-to-accomplish angle when taking pictures is to position the camera so that the subject is in the foreground but the camera itself is very close to leaves or grass. When you are “peering out” in this position and leaves or grass slightly obscure the edges of the lens, it can create a lovely frame or arch effect.

Although posed shots are still very popular in digital photography, there is something uniquely special about taking pictures of your children when they are being candid, rather than coached to smile. Unlike adults, children are often much less self-conscious, and can become easily engrossed in an enjoyable activity, such as swinging on a swing or building a model plane. Candid photos of your kids taken at these moments, when they are immersed in something they love to do, can capture authentic moments of pure joy that last a lifetime.


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