What Are the Best Tips for Styling Layered Bangs?

B. Miller

Layered bangs can be a great addition to many different haircuts, and they are easy to style with a little practice. Much like styling the rest of the hair, it is necessary to first wash and condition the bangs, then apply any leave-in conditioner or protecting cream to defend the hair against heat styling. The bangs can then be dried with a blow dryer, either using a brush or just the fingers. To add texture, a texturizing styling product may be added as well. Many people wear layered bangs swept off to the side of the face; another option is to pull them back, either to the side or straight back, and secure them with a clip.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Styling layered bangs is slightly easier than styling blunt-cut bangs, because they are more forgiving. They are simply washed and prepped for styling with the rest of the hair. If the hair is especially prone to becoming oily, it may be a good idea not to put any additional styling cream in the bangs. If it is dry or frizzy, however, styling cream can help to keep the bangs smooth and styled throughout the day. The next step is to dry the layered bangs.

To get bangs that are straight and flat, it is best to use a flat, paddle brush to dry them. For layered bangs with more volume, especially up near the crown of the head, using a round brush can help to achieve this. Alternatively, for people who want slightly messy, textured, or beachy-looking layered bangs, simply using the fingers to dry them can develop this look. It is important to make sure the bangs are completely dry before applying any sort of shine spray or hair spray, which will help to hold the style; if the bangs are damp they will curl and become frizzy.

Most people style layered bangs slightly swept off to the side of the face, since they are generally much too long to be worn straight down over the eyes. They may be pinned back to the side, or they may also be swept straight back and pinned at the top of the head, generally with a bit of lift and volume near the front. This is also a good method for styling layered bangs while they are growing out, if they become too long to wear loose. Otherwise, experimenting with different looks can be a good way to figure out what works.

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