What Are the Best Tips for Strengthening Teeth?

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Having strong teeth is vital to a person's overall health. Weak teeth can cause a person to experience cavities, tooth cracking, tooth loss, infection and other health issues. Strengthening teeth can be done over time by making basic daily lifestyle changes. Some of the best tips for strengthening teeth include going to the dentist regularly, avoiding acidic foods and cleaning the teeth multiple times a day.

Going to the dentist twice a year is vital to strengthening teeth. Some adults may think they do not need to visit the dentist if they do not feel as if they have any cavities. Even if a person does not have any cavities, the dentist can do a professional cleaning and apply a fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps to strengthen a person's tooth enamel, which acts as a protective layer for the rest of the tooth. If a tooth's enamel is damaged, a person is more vulnerable to cavities in the future.

People who frequently drink acidic beverages and eat acidic foods can be at risk for severe enamel damage. Foods with high acidity include coffee, orange juice and tomato sauce. Using a straw to drink acidic beverages can help with the process of strengthening teeth. Brushing as soon as possible after eating acid-heavy foods also can be beneficial. Having weak teeth with damaged enamel can make it uncomfortable for a person to consume icy cold and extremely hot foods.


Strengthening teeth can be made easier if a person brushes his or her teeth multiple times a day. If a person only brushes in the morning or at night, them bacteria from food has all day to eat through tooth enamel. A person can buy a small, portable toothbrush so he or she can brush his or her teeth while at school or work. Flossing also is easy to do on the go and can help a person remove food from in between teeth and in small crevasses.

A person can protect his or her teeth by practicing good behavior when it comes to what goes into his or her mouth. If a person's teeth are already on the weaker side, further damage can be done by such things such as nibbling on pens or opening bottles with his or her mouth. People also should take caution when consuming things such as taffy, nuts and hard caramel. When a person is not cautious about what he or she bites into, damage can be done that will make teeth weaker.


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If you like to drink soda pop and fruit juices, there is a simple way to to reduce the likelihood that it will weaken your tooth enamel.

After finishing one of these beverages, either take a drink of water or rinse your mouth out with water. This will help to remove excess acid from your mouth that can erode your tooth enamel.

Post 1

Several years ago I started using toothpaste that is formulated to rebuild and strengthen tooth enamel. Since I have been using it, I have not had any new tooth decay. My dentist also told me that my enamel appears to be much stronger than it was when I was using regular toothpaste.

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