What Are the Best Tips for Starting a Trucking Company?

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Before starting a trucking company, it is incredibly important to do as much research as possible to find the advantages and disadvantages to starting such a business. Try to find out how much start-up capital will be necessary to get the company going, and try to find out as much as possible about the different options for buying or leasing trucks; some new business owners decide to hire subcontracted drivers rather than invest in trucks themselves, which can save start-up money when starting a trucking company. A person considering starting such a company will more than likely need $10,000 USD or more to start.

Secure funding by seeking out business loans or investors. Be sure to research the pros and cons of each method, and use the start-up money judiciously. The money invested when starting a trucking company can be recouped fairly quickly if the business owner is savvy with the money, but it is just as easy to lose that money if the business is mismanaged. Try to secure low-interest loans, and if the business owner takes money from investors, be sure the terms of the loan are clearly defined to avoid problems down the road.


Decide if trucks need to be purchased or leased when starting a trucking company. Buying the trucks will require a substantial investment of money, which most start-up business owners do not have. Leasing the trucks is a much more manageable option, but the business owner will need to research different lease options before entering into a contract. Starting a company this way can save money, but it can also be tricky, as leases can be expensive if not paid properly, and the trucks will need to be insured differently than they would if they were bought outright.

Hiring drivers with their own trucks is the least expensive way of starting a trucking company. The business owner will have to pay expenses associated with hiring drivers, but the drivers themselves will own or lease their own trucks, which means the business owner will not have to do so. It is essential to draw up accurate and well-written contracts for these drivers, and to pay them competitively. Research all local and regional laws that may dictate how the business arrangement is made, as well as what the business owner is liable for should an accident occur, goods become damaged, or the business arrangement become null for any reason.


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