What Are the Best Tips for Starting a Ministry?

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When starting a ministry, groups or individuals should develop a mission statement, seek permission, if necessary, from pertinent religious authorities and identify the need for their ministry. It is also important to learn more about the laws in their jurisdiction regarding ministry administration and finances. In addition, those engaged in starting a ministry may wish to seek out avenues of financial support as well as publicity for their new venture.

It is often useful, when beginning any type of project, to establish its purpose and mission. Individuals engaged in starting a ministry, should develop a mission statement which can help keep the new organization on track as it develops. By having a written statement as to the organization's goals and purposes, leadership can avoid conflict and confusion during its first months and years of existence. It is also a good idea to identify an actual need for ministry in the community in which it will be operating.

If those who are starting a ministry are connected to a larger religious organization, they may be required by organizational policy to receive permission to begin a new project. If this is the case, they should follow established protocol for seeking permission, which may include filing a formal application, submitting a mission statement to an officer of their religious denomination or organization or even attending an in-person interview. Once permission for starting a ministry is granted, those starting the ministry may be able to get additional support from the established organization.


Laws in some jurisdictions dictate the ways in which the ministry can operate and how it needs to manage its finances. For example, if one is starting a ministry that is tax exempt, the ministry may be required to keep certain records of its activities and may need to provide for careful bookkeeping. If a group of people decide to start a social welfare ministry, additional laws and regulations may come into play, particularly if the organization provides food or shelter to the needy in their community.

After starting a ministry, needs for financial support as well as workers may become more apparent. Ministry workers may wish to establish a volunteer program that encourages interested parties to donate their time to the ministry. In addition, a fundraising program can really help a ministry get off the ground. Ministries ought to look into soliciting donations from individuals and businesses, and, in some cases, may wish to find out more about ministry grants provided by foundations and other organizations.


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