What Are the Best Tips for Starting a Church?

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Anyone starting a church should start by familiarizing himself with the regulations and city ordinances that apply to this endeavor. In the United States, the applicable Internal Revenue Service guidelines also are important to know for anyone organizing a church. After legalities are considered, it's time to seek advice from a local minister and begin plans for a chapel. After finding members for a new church, organizing a simple Bible study at home can be a good beginning.

The organizer of the new church may need to elicit a few other founding members, as this may be prerequisite to organize a house of prayer. He will also need to spread the word about his mission. He should inquire where he may post notices announcing his plans for starting a church.

Organizers starting a church may want to begin by arranging a religious discussion group first, with meetings held at home. If this idea is not practical, another consideration might an email discussion group. There are websites that offer free Internet groups and clubs, which could be an excellent way to get the message to many people. The founders should also think of a good name for the spiritual group, as this will also serve as a keyword for online search engines. A good idea would be to include the city or town in the group's name.


After the church leader has assembled a loyal group of followers and potential members for his new church, he must remain dedicated to the cause. He can show dedication by taking an active interest in his fellow church members. Speaking with every member individually will let them know the new church is a group effort. The founder should also refrain from using words such as "I" and "mine." Instead, he should refer to concepts and activities as "ours."

Once the church has more than a small handful of members, it's time to consider a more permanent meeting place. Before officially starting a church, founders should inquire around town about renting a large facility room. To help with the necessary funding, the church can solicit donations from all members of the congregation. The founders should set realistic goals and not ask for unreasonable donations or they may risk losing established members. Starting a local church or parish will take effort and dedication from the founding members, as well as everyone involved.


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