What Are the Best Tips for Shaving Sideburns?

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Most men's haircuts typically include sideburns, and the ends of these should not usually be higher than the tops of the ears. The best length and width of a man's sideburns will usually depend on his face shape. A little hair at a time should be removed when shaving sideburns to ensure they are even with each other.

Sideburns should usually extend down the face somewhat. When shaving sideburns, most experts advise that the tops of them should be no higher than the tops of the ears. They will usually look odd if they are shorter than this.

Classic sideburns usually extend down the face just to the middles of the ears or the bottoms of the eyes. Longer sideburns usually look best on men with long, narrow faces. Wide sideburns can also create the illusion of a fuller face. Short sideburns, on the other hand, will usually look best on men with wide or round faces.

After the shape of the sideburns has been decided upon, any surrounding hair can then be shaved off. When shaving sideburns, most experts recommend removing a little hair at a time. If a man does not remove enough hair at first, he can always remove more until he is satisfied. On the other hand, if he removes too much, he must wait until the hair regrows.


Getting the sideburns even with each other is one of the most important parts of shaving sideburns. Some men use their ears or eyes as guides, but this usually isn't recommended. Since most people have somewhat asymmetrical features, this can lead to sideburns that are slightly uneven.

A beard and mustache trimmer will usually work best when shaping sideburns. After most of the hair around the sideburns has been removed, shaving cream and a razor can be used for a closer, smoother shave. A sharp razor and a thick shaving cream will typically result in the closest shave.

After wetting the face with warm water, a moisturizing shaving cream should be lathered on the parts of the face that will be shaved. This should then be left on the face to soften the coarse hairs. A new, sharp razor can then be used to shave the hair off, moving in the direction that the hair grows. The razor should be rinsed off after each stroke.


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