What are the Best Tips for Sex After Menopause?

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There are many tips a person may use to improve sex after menopause. Some of the best tips are those that involve relaxing and setting a mood that encourages sexy feelings. Other good tips are those that involve using lubrication to make sex more comfortable and protection for avoiding sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unexpected pregnancies, which may still be possible if menopause hasn't reached the stage in which eggs cease being produced. Additionally, good tips for sex after menopause often focus on establishing effective communication with one’s partner.

One of the best tips for sex after menopause is simply to relax. Tension and worry may decrease a person’s enjoyment of sex. As such, taking one’s time with engaging in sexual activity and making an effort to relax may help. In addition to relaxing, setting a mood that makes both partners feel sexy may prove beneficial. For example, some people may feel most in the mood in the presence of soft lighting and romantic music. Others may find that watching arousing videos or reading risqué books helps them to relax and enjoy sex after menopause.

Another one of the best tips for sex after menopause involves lubrication. A menopausal woman may suffer from a lack of vaginal lubrication that makes sex uncomfortable not only for her, but also for her partner. Using a non-irritating lubricant may help make sexual relations more enjoyable. Doctors often recommend the use of a water-soluble lubricant for this purpose. Those that are not water soluble may deteriorate latex condoms or even encourage the growth of bacteria.

Tips for sex after menopause often focus on STDs and pregnancy as well. It is important to note that a person is still vulnerable to STDs, even after she has reached menopause. As such, doctors usually recommend the use of latex condoms if a woman is not in a monogamous relationship with someone she is certain does not have an STD. Likewise, a woman may still have a chance of becoming pregnant if her doctor has yet to confirm that her ovaries are not producing and releasing eggs. If a woman wishes to prevent pregnancy, using a condom or another method of birth control is advisable.

Establishing good communication with her partner may also help a woman to enjoy sex after menopause. For example, a woman may enjoy sex more if she feels free to discuss her feelings and concerns with her partner. She may also benefit from educating her partner on the different ways they can enjoy each other during this time. Additionally, good communication may allow a woman to feel comfortable with telling her partner what pleases her and what makes her uncomfortable.

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Some women have the best sex of their lives after menopause. For one thing, they are older and they have a better understanding of their bodies, and after the early stages of menopause have passed and no eggs are being produced, there is no worry about having to use birth control or about getting pregnant, so couples can be more spontaneous. This can make sex a lot more enjoyable.

Also, like the article mentions, a little lubrication can go a long way toward getting rid of some of the physical issues that come about when you are having sex after menopause has taken place.

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